Best Bike Tours in Krakow

Cycling around Krakow allows you to see the city's main attractions from a different perspective. Here are some of the city's most famous sights!

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Best Bike Tours in Krakow

Cracocia by Bicycle | © La Chica de Ayer

Every European city has its own unique charm and Krakow is no exception, the best part is that it is a destination that can be comfortably explored by bicycle. This type of experience is a must on your holiday, as it adds excitement and allows you to maximise your time and save exhausting walks.

There are different types of tours to choose from, some of which take you to the central perimeter, where the Jewish Quarter and the Old Town are hidden away. You can also explore the Polish countryside whose lakes, ruins and forests will transport you to an enchanted atmosphere. You can join some of the best things to do in Kraków such as food tastings, visit the communist quarter, and head up to the Tantra Mountains.

1. Cycle through the city's highlights

Krakow Castle| ©Sergei Gussev
Krakow Castle| ©Sergei Gussev

Kraków has many attractions to enjoy, so it's worth considering a cycling experience. This way, you'll be able to reach dozens of sights that are exhausting to reach on foot. While cycling you will be able to move without limits in the green lung of the city, known as Planty Park, where this kind of experience is a must.

Get ready for all there is to see and do around Krakow by bike, such as enjoying a stop at the impressive Wawel Royal Castle building. Here it is possible to visit Krakow Castle which was the first residence of Polish royalty, thus housing royal flats, state rooms, exhibitions with precious jewellery and artefacts from the Middle Ages. It is also home to the Wawel Cathedral, one of the main local churches; the John Paul II Cathedral Museum and the Dragon Cave, a grotto full of mysteries and legends.

Of course, the best time to travel to the city and take advantage of this experience is in summer. Following the usual route of this kind of tour, you will reach the terraces, bourgeois houses and palaces that surround the largest medieval market square in Europe. Other sights to see include St. Mary's Basilica and the Kazimierz quarter. Please note that this is usually a shared experience with a tour group of at least 25 people, ideal for meeting new people.

Interesting details

  • Price: from €26 per person.
  • Duration: approximately four hours.
  • Advantages: it usually includes professional guidance and bike hire, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself.
  • Disadvantages: If you are planning things to do in Krakow with children, you should know that the bikes are only suitable for children over 128 cm tall.

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2. Customise your adventure on wheels in the Golden City

Getting to know Krakow| ©Enrica
Getting to know Krakow| ©Enrica

Getting to know the city with other people is always an enriching experience, however, you will depend on a group and the itinerary is usually predetermined. If you want to get to know the most authentic side of the city and make the most of Krakow's best activities, I recommend you evaluate a private bike tour.

Travel back in time and enjoy the main sights, while soaking up the history and culture with a local expert. You can make the most of your time and explore the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, or explore the old town to marvel at its cobbled streets and ancient buildings. During the tour you may discover local stories and legends, and in some cases you can request a visit to sites you are looking forward to.

Interesting details

  • Price: from €80 per person.
  • Duration: around three hours.
  • Advantages: Generally, you can enjoy the personal attention of an expert guide, as only your group will be taking part.
  • Disadvantages: must be booked in advance, as this type of experience sells out easily. In addition, they are more expensive due to the personalised service.

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3. Explore the charming streets with your family or friends

Streets of Krakow| ©Francisco Anzola
Streets of Krakow| ©Francisco Anzola

If you are travelling with your family or friends, the best option for exploring Krakow by bike is a tour designed for small groups. It is a personalised experience, but more economical than private tours. Generally, you'll have three hours to enjoy the architectural beauty of this city, whose Eastern European mix is tattooed on every corner.

It usually includes a local guide, who will point out the points of interest. Keep your eyes peeled for details in the Old Town, where you can cycle through the Lonja de Paños, a small street lined with souvenir shops.

You'll also witness the beauty of the Old Town Hall Tower, the opulence of the Market Square surrounded by colourful buildings and the solemnity of St Mary's Basilica. You are likely to reach the oldest synagogue in Poland and make a stop in Krakow's Jewish Quarter.

Interesting details

  • Price: from €31 per person.
  • Duration: approximately three hours.
  • Pros: A great way to get some exercise during your holiday.
  • Disadvantages: you get exhausted quickly, and it is not recommended on rainy days.

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4. Tour the Kazimierz district by segway

Segway in Krakow| ©Madrid Segway
Segway in Krakow| ©Madrid Segway

To save yourself the effort of walking or pedalling, I suggest you consider a Segway tour. It's a very similar option to a bicycle, except that it's an electric vehicle that is controlled by the driver's balance. In fact, some of the best guided tours of Krakow's Jewish Quarter are conducted on board this ingenious self-balancing device.

You can focus on discovering the secrets and best activities of the Jewish Quarter, where you will find points of interest such as the Remuh Jewish Cemetery, the Tempel Synagogue or Wolnica Square. The best thing is that you don't need any experience, you will usually receive a brief introduction on how to use the Segway and at all times you are likely to be accompanied by a local guide.

This kind of experience makes the difference, as they usually offer a tasting of typical Polish sweets, if you select it in your booking.

Interesting details

  • Price: from 46 € per person.
  • Duration: around two hours.
  • Advantages: usually includes training on how to use the Segway.
  • Disadvantages: Not suitable for pregnant women, travellers with heart conditions or other serious medical problems.

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5. Immerse yourself in the communist past of Nowa Huta, one of Krakow's most important suburbs

Nowa Huta| ©photobeppus
Nowa Huta| ©photobeppus

Kraków's communist past is preserved in Nowa Huta, a suburb reminiscent of the local Soviet history. The bike tours offer a multi-sensory experience that takes you on a ride through traditions, gastronomy, exhibitions and preserved sites. Generally, the route starts in the centre and as you approach this neighbourhood you will get a glimpse of a former air base, where you can now visit the Aviation Museum.

You will have the opportunity to visit the Church of Our Lady, which is shaped like a ship and is one of the main local churches. Another regular stop is the heart of this area which is notable for its period residential areas, surrounded by cinemas and old theatres. Highlights include the milk bar and the former Vladimir Lenin steel factory. Note that this experience can be combined with a private tour of the Nowa Huta neighbourhood aboard a classic communist car.

Interesting details

  • Price: from €40 per person.
  • Travel time: approximately four hours.
  • Advantages: usually includes a guide.
  • Disadvantages: meals are not usually included, as you need to recharge your batteries I suggest you take a look at the best restaurants to eat in Krakow that are located in the area.

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6. Soak up Polish culinary culture while enjoying a bike ride

Tasting obwarzanek| ©young shanahan
Tasting obwarzanek| ©young shanahan

Cycling takes energy, so there's nothing better than combining a bike tour of Kraków with a taste of Polish cuisine. Stop by Kraków' s best restaurants and tour the main markets to immerse yourself in the culinary culture. It usually starts in the centre through cobbled streets that hide a rich historical and cultural heritage.

This can be an eye-opener that will encourage you to get into the best food tours in Kraków. You're likely to try obwarzanek, known to be a type of bread doughnut that is a local classic, and you'll also experience an explosion of flavours with oscypek, a traditional smoked cheese. Of course, there's nothing better than tasting Polish sausages in the middle of Poland. There is even sometimes a vodka tasting, usually made in the city.

Interesting details

  • Price: from €28 per person.
  • Journeytime: about two and a half hours.
  • Advantages: You will be able to taste traditional dishes and visit authentic restaurants.
  • Disadvantages: This type of tour sells out quickly.

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7. Cycle along the road to the Polish countryside and the Benedictine abbey in Tyniec

Benedictine Abbey of Tyniec| ©Sandra Király
Benedictine Abbey of Tyniec| ©Sandra Király

The beauty of this Polish city is not limited to its hinterland - the activities around Kraków also deserve a place on your itinerary. Your helmet and a bicycle can take you on a journey that starts along the Vistula River, which winds its way through the countryside. Just a forty-minute cycle ride away you'll come across the magical town of Tyniec.

The ride may seem a little long, but you'll hardly notice the time as you'll see towering forests, ruined fortresses and shimmering lakes, making the scenery unbeatable. There is usually a stop for Polish snacks and to recharge your batteries. The highlight of this corner is Tyniec Abbey, a monastery where rituals are performed every day. Note that you must cover your shoulders to enter.

In the surrounding area you'll find plenty of entertainment options, such as learning about life in the 11th century, tasting tea or Polish wine, and popping into shops selling monk-made treats. On the way back, marvel at the views of the Polish countryside, visit the former area where John Paul II worked and appreciate the cliffs from the hillside.

Interesting details

  • Price: from €40 per person.
  • Duration: approximately four hours. The bike ride from Kraków to Tyniec is at least 40 minutes by bike, but you can shorten the time by car, taxi or public transport if you have any health problems.
  • Advantages: leave the tourist hustle and bustle behind and take in Kraków's best secret spots. Also, it usually includes a special trekking bike, which will make pedalling easier.
  • Disadvantages: Not suitable for travellers with heart conditions or other serious medical problems. In fact, participants should be in average physical condition.

8. Discover the hidden and less visited corners of Krakow by bike

Skalka Basilica| ©magro_kr
Skalka Basilica| ©magro_kr

When arriving in Krakow most tourists rush to the most emblematic sights, but miss out on the real charm of the city. This type of experience takes you to the less touristy areas within the city, at a leisurely pace. Cycle along the Vistula River, take postcard photographs and learn about the history of World War II.

You'll also have access to one of Krakow's must-see churches, known as the Skalka Basilica. Jewish life has a great history in this city, so you are likely to pass through the old Jewish ghetto Podgorze. Near sunset, climb up to the city's observation decks and take advantage of the panoramic views.

Interesting details

  • Price: from €30 per person.
  • Duration: about three hours.
  • Advantages: it's a gentle walk, so most people can take part in the experience.
  • Disadvantages: Generally only available in English, Polish and Dutch.

9. Cycle up the Tatra Mountains

Tatra Mountains| ©Natalia
Tatra Mountains| ©Natalia

The most adventurous route is undoubtedly the one up the Tatra Mountains. It is ideal for adventurers and is an unforgettable cycling experience. Of course, cycling the whole distance is crazy and is only recommended for professionals. There are usually trips to the Tatra Mountains and their hot springs from Kraków that include a trained driver who will get you there in good time, in less than three hours or so.

Leaving the city allows you to escape the hustle and bustle and get some fresh air. Upon arrival you can explore the ski capital of Poland known as Zakopane, where it's ideal to hop on a traditional or electric bike. Along the way you'll see traditional wooden houses, meet locals and have the opportunity to sample local delicacies. When you reach the foundations of the mountain you can choose to continue by bike or by funicular, depending on your physical ability. Of course, at the top the views of the mountain range are breathtaking.

Interesting details

  • Price: from 220 € per person.
  • Duration: around ten hours, the journey takes approximately two hours and forty minutes.
  • Advantages: Usually includes pick-up and drop-off at your accommodation, as well as a ticket for the funicular to the mountain.
  • Disadvantages: One of the more expensive options.

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Tips for cycling tours in Kraków

Cycling around Krakow| ©Marco
Cycling around Krakow| ©Marco
  • Choose a reliable company and check what is included, I recommend preferring complete itineraries that take you to experience the best things to do in Krakow.
  • In case you rent on your own, make sure you choose the right bike. For example, for mountainous areas it is best to opt for trekking bikes.
  • Take a waterproof jacket or clothing suitable for the weather, as well as comfortable trainers.
  • Do not do this type of activity if you have any delicate health problems.
  • Wear the helmet you will be given, it can save you from accidents and fines.
  • Follow the traffic rules and use the cycle lanes.
  • Stay hydrated along the route, make stops to eat and rest.