Terezin Day Trip from Prague

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Discover the trail of destruction left behind by the Second World War in the Czech lands on this excursion to Terezín from Prague. Terezín, located just over 60 km from Prague, was the largest concentration camp in the Czech Republic during the Holocaust. Some of the key sites you will visit are the Terezín Cemetery, the Small Fortress and the Ghetto Museum.

The tour will last approximately 5 hours and includes a professional guide. For a more personalised service, this activity will have approximately 6 participants.

  • Discover the horrors of the Holocaust on a tour of Terezín, the largest concentration camp in the Czech Republic, from Prague.
  • Thanks to a professional guide, you will learn interesting facts about places you will see such as the Ghetto Museum, the cemetery and the Small Fortress.
  • Enjoy the experience in small groups of about 6 people.

What’s included

  • Excursion to Terezín from Prague
  • Professional guide/driver
  • Entrance to the Small Fortress
  • Food and beverages

Step by Step

The Czech Republic is a country that also suffered the consequences of the Second World War and the proof of this is Terezín. Join this excursion to Terezín from Prague with a professional guide, who will tell you the tragic story of the Czech Jewish community during the Holocaust. In order for you to enjoy an optimal experience, the approximate number of participants in this activity will be 6 people.

During approximately 5 hours, you will not only learn about the largest concentration camp in the country, but you will also have access to key places to understand its history, such as the Small Fortress.

Around 150,000 people passed through the Terezín concentration camp, most of whom were destined for Treblinka and Auschwitz, which were extermination camps. You will see the barracks where they lived, the courtyards and the cells where they were imprisoned.

You will explore the Small Fortress, a building that served as a Prague Gestapo prison for opponents of the Nazi regime between 1939 and 1945. P


· 5739 Reviews
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    Very good tour, to be repeated
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    Fabulous tour and the guide too!
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    I changed my concept of Prague after doing this tour. Obviously there are things you don't know when you travel to a city. It was very good to know them.
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    Do this kind of excursions to get to know a place well, it's the best thing there is.
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