Washington DC Big Bus Night Tour

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Experience Highlights

Marvel at Washington DC by night as you ride this bus that takes you on a tour of the main sights of the American capital. In an activity that lasts around 2 hours and with a capacity for up to 50 passengers, you'll discover one of the most important cities in the world in a new light.

Among the most emblematic monuments that you'll pass by on the bus and where you'll be able to take photos to remember are the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, among others.

  • Hop on this great bus for a 2-hour night tour of Washington DC's main sights.
  • See the American capital from a different perspective with this night tour on a bus that can accommodate up to 50 passengers.
  • Visit the exteriors of the city's most important monuments, such as the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol itself.

What’s included

  • Night Tour
  • App that provides real-time bus route information

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Tour Washington DC as you've never thought possible: by night. In a luxurious bus, you will have the opportunity to take a night tour of the most emblematic points of the American capital in an activity that lasts about 2 hours.

This is a unique experience that only takes place at sunset so that you can see one of the most important centres in the world from a different perspective. During the tour, you will also have the opportunity to take photos to remember.

Some of the monuments you will pass during this bus tour are:

  • The Capitol: one of the most visited attractions by tourists as it is the building that houses the two chambers of the US Congress.
  • Abraham Lincoln Memorial: this temple-like building with its distinctive staircase honours the memory of President Abraham Lincoln.
  • Martin Luther King Memorial: this monument was erected to honour a pioneer of black rights in the United States.
  • Black Lives Matter Square: you will also pass through the square where the Black Lives Matter movement gathered in response to a series of police abuses that led to the deaths of people of colour.


· 801 Reviews
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    Beautiful views at night.
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    We really enjoyed this night tour. I had a very nice and unique time with my partner and we learned a lot about the different points of interest in the city. It was a fantastic experience to repeat in the future.
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    Good tour, the experience went from less to more.
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    Good tour, very original and with a lot of value in between. A perfect plan to go with your partner, it is very enjoyable at all times.
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