New York Botanical Garden Tickets: how to buy and prices

The New York Botanical Garden is a cultural attraction and living museum that every visitor to the city should visit for its beauty, educational importance and scientific value.

Alejandra Savoia

Alejandra Savoia

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New York Botanical Garden Tickets: how to buy and prices

New York Botanical Garden | ©Salim Virji

The New York Botanical Garden was founded in 1891. Since then it has functioned not only as a beautiful park with an amazing number of varieties of plants and trees from countries all over the world, but also as a research institution with its own museums and activities open to the public. So if you're planning what to do in New York, this garden should be a must-see.

It also has several tourist attractions such as its unique rose garden (more than 700 varieties), several gastronomic spaces and a shop where you can buy objects with images related to the garden, chocolates containing flowers, perfumes, books, planting cards and many other unique products. It is definitely essential that you buy your tickets in advance so that you don't miss out on this amazing excursion!

The best choice

New York Botanical Garden Pass Ticket

Buy your ticket for the New York Botanical Garden in advance

You will have the possibility to enter the gardens directly and enjoy the various attractions for longer without worrying about long queues in front of the ticket office.

The time you save by buying your ticket in advance can be spent on more activities and getting to know in detail this Botanical Garden which is one of the most important in the United States.

It is also a way to enter the Botanical Garden without queuing and start your day of sightseeing without unnecessary waiting. The possibility of buying tickets before the day you choose to visit is an advantage that should not be discarded. What's more, this ticket is also valid for all the temporary exhibitions and for all the gardens that make up this great complex.

Recommended if ... you want to save time and not get tired while queuing to buy your ticket at the ticket office.

How much do tickets to the Botanical Garden cost?

Outside the Garden| ©taigatrommelchen
Outside the Garden| ©taigatrommelchen

The price ranges from 15 € to 30 €, but varies according to which gardens you want to visit, the activities you want to do and the situation of each visitor. Age is another factor that influences ticket prices. In principle, general admission costs about 30 dollars.

In principle, the cheapest prices are those for tickets for people aged 65 and over, for children (the cost is 50% of an adult ticket or less) and, thirdly, for adults in general. Discounts are also available for New York residents.

Buy your ticket to the New York Botanical Garden

Types of tickets you can buy

Spring in the Botanical Garden| ©Dmitriy Fomenko
Spring in the Botanical Garden| ©Dmitriy Fomenko

Tickets to visit the New York Botanical Garden vary in type and price according to what you want to do in this large space with exhibition and event facilities and a staggering number of gardens. All visitors must obtain tickets in advance and display them on their mobile phones to gain entry.

  • The ALL-GARDEN PASS allows entry to various activities and access to sites such as the Around the Table exhibition. With this same pass you can visit the Enid A. Haupt Greenhouse and take the tram tour through the different gardens during which you will see the outside exhibits and the children's adventure playground.
  • To book tickets for groups of visitors with more than 15 people and for school groups, please contact the relevant section of the Botanical Garden via the email addresses published on their website.
  • New York City residents receive discounted tickets, but must also purchase them in advance. Members and patrons of the Botanical Garden do not pay admission but must apply online.

Can tickets be purchased at the ticket office?

Garden Cupola| ©James Robertson
Garden Cupola| ©James Robertson

Yes, tickets can be purchased at the Botanical Garden ticket office, but I really recommend buying them online in advance.

One of the most important reasons to buy tickets in advance is to avoid delays at the main entrance to the gardens in front of the ticket office. Don't forget that these gardens are a prominent tourist attraction and that it is also a place chosen by locals to experience a few hours in nature.

This way, you will avoid getting stuck in a long queue to buy your ticket and you will be able to enjoy your time inside the gardens much longer.

The best type of ticket is one that will allow you to do several visits and activities, tour the Garden's iconic sites and the outdoor area where most of the exhibits are organised.

Prices depend on what type of pass you want to buy and whether you want to combine it with other tourist activities in New York (e.g. a visit to the Bronx Zoo and see what animals it houses).

Buy your ticket for the New York Botanical Garden

Are there any tourist passes that include admission to the Botanical Garden?

New York Pass Tourist Card| ©Viaggio Routard
New York Pass Tourist Card| ©Viaggio Routard

The Botanical Garden tour is included in the New York Pass. With this pass, you can choose from 1 to 10 days of use and opt for over 100 attractions with very quick access, including the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.

This way, you will have access to live a different experience in the more than 100 hectares that occupies this green space to learn about the botanical species it houses, play, have fun and learn from its exhibits and museums.

Buy your explorer pass to visit the Botanical Garden

How to get there from the most popular areas of New York City

New York Subway| ©Jean-Marc Vernier
New York Subway| ©Jean-Marc Vernier

Due to New York's extensive public transport network, it is not difficult to get to the Botanical Garden. It is essential that you read the following details to make your journey easy, fast and enjoyable.

The starting points will be the areas of the city most popular with tourists, in terms of their importance and excellent connection by the means of transport available.

To travel from to the Botanical Garden, there are about five options. The first and most recommended is the train journey.

The journey takes just over 30 minutes (the distance is approximately 16 km). The train departs from the famous and it is advisable to check the train timetables on weekends (they often change).

On the other hand, to find out about all the means of transport that are available every day in New York, it is vital to check the website of the entity called which is in charge of managing and maintaining bus and underground services throughout the city.

Taxis are the most expensive form of travel, but they are convenient and fast. Naturally, if you hire a car you'll have this issue taken care of and a suitable option for all the excursions you've scheduled.

If your starting point is Manhattan, then you will be a few minutes closer to the New York Botanical Garden. The alternatives are similar and the recommended option is again the train (leaving from Harlem-125 St). There is also the underground, which will get you there in about an hour and then you can walk about 2 km.

Parking at the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden has a parking area, so if you drive you can leave your car there. Rates start at €20 per stay. You must enter through the main entrance at 2900 Southern Boulevard.

There is also another area available for car parking and to find it you need to follow the signs to the Garden's garage ( there are also members of the Botanic Garden staff who are always in the area to assist car drivers).

This is an excellent solution if you are touring the New York Botanical Garden by car, as there are not enough signs to get you there. but still not enough.

Is this a great tour to take with children?

Autumn at the Garden| ©Donald
Autumn at the Garden| ©Donald

Children will love it! In fact, there are activities and spaces that have been designed exclusively for them and others to share with the whole family.

There is no doubt that such a beautiful green space with programmed activities can be the perfect excursion to include in a list of everything you can enjoy with children in this city.

For example, there is an activity called Be the plant champion! where children have to discover and experiment with sustainable solutions to improve the current state of the planet and make it healthier.

Another activity (which can also be shared with the whole family) is called Dig! Plant! Grow! Salad Days. This is an activity to learn more about vegetables and is carried out according to a programmed calendar. Kids will be able to take some home to make their favourite salad combination at home.

Opening hours

Flowers and Garden| ©Lenny Spiro
Flowers and Garden| ©Lenny Spiro

The Botanical Garden is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm. On Mondays it is only open on federal holidays (during regular hours).

However, it is important to check the opening hours on the day you decide to visit the Botanical Garden, as it sometimes closes earlier than expected because it is hosting events and exhibitions.

How long does it take to tour the Botanical Garden?

Exhibition at the Garden| ©MisterQque
Exhibition at the Garden| ©MisterQque

The average time to walk through all the outdoor spaces and exhibits on offer in the different gardens is between 2 to 3 hours. There are some factors and circumstances that can shorten or lengthen this period of time.

For example, there are scheduled activities in which you may stay a little longer than originally planned. Also, if you do not follow a guided tour, then the length of time you stay is up to you.

Guided tours at the Botanical Gardens - are they worth it?

Sunset at the Botanical Garden| ©Salim Virji
Sunset at the Botanical Garden| ©Salim Virji

The answer to the question of whether guided tours of the Botanical Gardens are worthwhile is a resounding yes. This is because this site, which It's huge and you'll want to see it all!

At the Botanical Gardens, guided tours are available for groups. In fact, there are tours for visitors who come alone to the Garden and join others, groups of friends and family, school groups (students and teachers) and large groups of more than 15 people.

Guided tours are a real solution if you want to make the most of the tour. On the other hand, if you decide to take the plunge and visit on your own, that won't be a problem either.

Upon entering the Botanical Garden you will receive a map that is very clear and contains all the details you need to know in order not to get lost and find the attractions it has to offer.

What you can't miss at the New York Botanical Garden

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden| ©
Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden| ©

The Botanical Garden is magical and offers different views, tours, exhibits and activities. However, there is one very special place you can't miss: The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden. This garden was designed by landscape designer Beatrix Farrand at the request of the patriarch of the powerful Rockefeller family.

The garden is a tribute by David Rockefeller to his wife Peggy, which is why it bears her name. The garden is beautiful in all four seasons, even when it snows in the middle of winter. There are over 700 varieties of roses and many of them are named after celebrities, presidents and artists.

In addition to the Rose Garden, don't miss the Enid A. Haupt Orangery. It is said to be another of the jewels of the Botanical Garden, according to most visitors. It was built of wrought iron and is now painted white, which emphasises its Victorian style. It has been remodelled several times and was almost closed in the 1970s.

Fortunately, they were able to restore it and give it the value it really has. Today it is a greenhouse accessible to anyone who wants to visit it. It houses a wide variety of tropical and aquatic plants in various tanks (e.g. water lilies, water lilies and lotuses, among others). The cacti brought from different countries of the world are a real attraction.

Some tips for your visit to the New York Botanical Garden

Inside the Greenhouse| ©gardener41
Inside the Greenhouse| ©gardener41

This visit can take up to a little over 3 hours, so it is essential to plan certain details, e.g. how to get there, food (take it with you or eat in a restaurant inside the Garden?), which exhibits and areas to visit, etc.

The issue of food and drink consumption is vital, especially in seasons with extreme temperatures. In the Botanical Garden there are several restaurants and cafeterias with very tempting proposals in case you want to rest in the middle of your tour. You are also allowed to bring food and share it in a picnic area.

Spring (a great time to visit New York) and summer are the two seasons of the year when the Botanical Garden is at its most beautiful and colourful. This is not to say that it is not splendid at other times of the year, but these two seasons are when all the gardens look their best.

Remember also that summer is very hot in New York, so it is important to plan your tour in advance to fully enjoy your visit and to be properly equipped (hats, caps, hats and comfortable, light clothing).