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Experience Highlights

Visit the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum at Pier 86 in the vicinity of Times Square and experience some of America's history first-hand. Since 1982 it has been a must-see attraction for history buffs young and old.

  • Stroll through the legendary Intrepid aircraft carrier full of planes and helicopters.
  • Learn about the most interesting details of the first spaceship, the Entreprise.
  • Dive into the USS Glowler submarine and explore all its rooms.

What’s included

  • Aircraft carrier Intrepid
  • Glowler Submarine
  • Space Shuttle Enterprise Pavilion
  • Temporary exhibitions

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Step by Step

If you are passionate about the history of the United States and want to see first-hand some of the elements that are part of it, you have to visit the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

This museum anchored on the Hudson River has become a must-see for young and old alike since its opening in 1982. The legendary aircraft carrier Intrepid serves as the base for this educational museum complete with a large collection.

Strolling around the carrier that fought in two major wars, you'll walk alongside some of the greatest fighter planes in history. Fully restored, an F16, a MIG-21 or the famous Blackbird spy plane perch on the deck of the Intrepid.

The entrance ticket also gives you access to the Glowler submarine, the only diesel-powered submarine with strategic missiles that can be visited in the whole country. You'll get a firsthand look at what life was like inside these places, even visiting the torpedo rooms.

Another highlight of the museum is the Concorde, the fastest commercial airliner in history capable of breaking the sound barrier (a tour of the interior is not included in the ticket price).

In addition, at the rear of the aircraft carrier you can visit the space shuttle Enterprise. The world's first spacecraft is housed in a pavilion where you'll also see a Soyuz spacecraft and a space shuttle exhibit.

Connect with history by exploring the intricacies of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Choose the date and time that suits you best and buy your ticket to avoid queues at the ticket office.


· 399 Reviews
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    I liked it very much.
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    A museum where both adults and children can enjoy and learn, highly recommended.
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    This visit was a great success, and we didn't have to wait to get in.
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    We were able to visit the world's first spacecraft and it was impressive, we did not expect such a complete visit.
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