How to Get to The Edge NYC

If you are planning a visit to The Edge, you should know that it is very well located and connected to the rest of the city. Here's how to get there

Cecilia Gaitán

Cecilia Gaitán

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How to Get to The Edge NYC

The Edge, the tallest at Hudson Yards | ©Dimitry Anikin

The Edge Observatory, one of New York's skyline must-sees, is located in the 30 Hudson Yards building on the west side of Manhattan along the Hudson River.

The main entrance is on the corner of 10th Avenue and 33rd Street. There are many ways to get there depending on your location, itinerary, budget and your desire to experience New York City. So book your tickets to The Edge Observatory because your journey is about to begin. Read on!

Choose the underground if you want to get to the Edge Observatory faster!

Waiting for the New York underground| ©Hellotickets
Waiting for the New York underground| ©Hellotickets

The MTA New York underground line 7 (purple) runs from Queens to Hudson Yards and stops at 34th Street. So it's ideal if you're sightseeing or staying downtown, because it will take you straight to the Edge.

In Manhattan and before you get to Hudson Yards, this line stops (among others) at:

  • Grand Central Station (42 St).
  • 5th Avenue.
  • Times Square (42nd St).

Underground fares

A single underground ticket costs about 2,60 € (3 USD) and is purchased directly at the station. You can also buy the MetroCard, a rechargeable card valid for use on both subways and buses. It can be purchased for €0.90 (US$1) at any station, tourist offices and general shops.

Remember to check the New York City Subway Guide before you set off, so you'll have all the schedules and information you need to get around the city in mind.

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Walk to the Edge from Midtown Manhattan: the good, beautiful and cheap option

Walking the High Line| ©Hellotickets
Walking the High Line| ©Hellotickets

If you're going to be in Midtown, the best way to get to the Edge is definitely on foot. 34th Street, if you're coming from Times Square, is full of shops that can make for a very entertaining walk.

And if you're coming from the West Village, you can walk along the High Line, another excellent option and one that has many attractions. You can see street art, take in the scenery, eat at the Chelsea Market and enjoy a bit of greenery before taking in the more modernist skyline of Manhattan Island and its skyscrapers.

New York is a city that vibrates with diversity, entertainment, energy and where you'll always have something to see. Whether you have a lot or a little time, I recommend getting lost in its streets and experiencing it on foot. If you want to see it from the sky, you've got the viewpoints!

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Hop on the bus to The Edge, a convenient way to enjoy the view

New York from the bus| ©Hellotickets
New York from the bus| ©Hellotickets

It's true that the New York underground is not known for its comfort and can often be overwhelming. That's why a great way to get to the Edge is by bus.

To get to the Edge, the lines to keep in mind are: M34-SBS, M12, and M11. They all stop very close to the observatory and you can enjoy the ride while still getting to know the city in depth (and take a break in between rides).

The price of a single bus ticket is the same as a metro ticket, approximately €2.60. You can pay in cash on the bus at the same time. You can pay in cash on the bus, but be aware that only coins are accepted. And if you plan to make several trips, I advise you to buy the MetroCard. A combined underground and bus card, rechargeable and perhaps the most practical option for getting around Manhattan by public transport.

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Train or Ferry, options for those staying outside Manhattan

Crossing the Hudson| ©Hellotickets
Crossing the Hudson| ©Hellotickets

For those with a more complex commute, there are also options. Penn Station is close by between 32nd and 33rd Streets and 7th and 8th Avenues.

It is served by Amtrak, LIRR, New Jersey Transit and PATH trains. And in just a 15-minute walk, you'll be at the Edge. And if you're crossing from the other side of the river, the Midtown Ferry Terminal is located at 39th Street and West Side Highway. It's not a bad idea to start your day by crossing the Hudson to get to your destination!

Both (train and ferry) cost about €2.60 (US$3) for a single ticket, similar to the underground and bus.

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Uber, Lyft or taxi, if you want to go door-to-door to The Edge

Getting around by taxi| ©Hellotickets
Getting around by taxi| ©Hellotickets

You can take an Uber, Lyft, or taxi if you want to comfortably get door-to-door to the observatory. However, city traffic and traffic jams can play tricks on you and complicate getting to Hudson Yards.

So I recommend that you think carefully, especially if it's not a short trip, where you can control any unforeseen events. In any case, I'll give you an idea of prices, according to different routes, so that you can take it into account if it's the option that suits you best.

Approximate Uber/Lyft prices and journeys to the Edge from:

  • Times Square: between €13 and €17 | 13 min.
  • Central Park: between €17 and €25 | 20 min.
  • Empire State Building: about €20 | 15 min.
  • Grand Central Station: about €25 | 20 min.
  • Harlem: between 30 € and 35 € | 30 min.
  • Soho: about €28 | 20 min.

Taxi fares in New York

There is no shortage of taxis in the Big Apple. You'll find them everywhere and at all times and they're not excessively expensive. However, once it starts raining, finding a taxi can be a bit of an odyssey! Anyway, for your reference if you want to use this means of transport for your visit to The Edge.

The average fare in Manhattan is around 8.60 € (about 10 USD).

Standard fares:

  • Flag fare: €2.20.
  • Price per kilometre: Approx. €1.35.
  • Waiting time: €26.
  • City tax: €0.40.
  • Night supplement (20:00 to 06:00 hours): 0,40 €.
  • Rush hour supplement (16:00 to 20:00 hours): 0.90 €.

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Can I get to the Edge Observatory by bike?

New York by bike| ©Hellotickets
New York by bike| ©Hellotickets

Of course you can! Hudson River Park has one of the best bike paths along the West Side Highway, both from the north and south. The nearest CitiBike station is at 34th Street and 11th Avenue.

Biking around the Big Apple is another great plan and a slightly faster but no less fun way to get to your destination - it's just a matter of being encouraged!

There are several ways to rent bikes in New York, but the most convenient is definitely Citi Bike. It's a public bike sharing system and the most widely used for short trips without having to worry about where you leave your bike and its safety.

Rates for renting bikes in New York

While New York residents can get special membership rates, commuters can also use it. The prices are:

  • Single ride: 3 € (3.50 USD)
  • Day Pass: 13 € (15 USD)

To start using them, you can download the APP, or do it through the automatic service terminals, available at the bike stations.

If you are over 16 years old, a credit card is enough to rent your bike. Please note that a deposit of around €85 (US$100) will be retained, which will be returned to you two days after your pass expires. Importantly, each ride cannot last more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, you will be charged €3.50 for each additional 15 minutes.

Book your tickets for The Edge Observatory

Compare the different options

  • Walking
  • Benefit: Entertaining tour
  • Recommended if you're going to be in Midtown
  • An option to consider as long as the weather is good.
  • Underground
  • Advantage: fast
  • Line 7 (purple)
  • Price: Single ticket costs about €2.60 (3 USD) / MetroCard available for €0.90 (1 USD)
  • Bus
  • Advantage: Convenience
  • M34-SBS, M12, and M11
  • Price: Approximately €2.60 / Available MetroCard for €0.90 (1 USD)
  • Train or ferry
  • Advantage: speed
  • Penn Station train station (Amtrak, LIRR, New Jersey Transit and PATH)
  • Price: about €2.60 (US$3) for a single ticket
  • Uber
  • Benefit: convenience and extra services
  • Fares: Depending on the distance and destination you are coming from. Approximately €20 for 15 minutes
  • Disadvantage: City traffic
  • Taxi
  • Advantage: convenience
  • Price: Average price for a ride in Manhattan is around €8.60 (about US$10)
  • Disadvantage: Traffic jams and inability to catch a taxi on rainy days.
  • Bike
  • Benefit: Hudson River Park has one of the best bike paths in the city.
  • Price: Single ride: 3 € (3.50 USD) + Day pass: 13 € (15 USD)
  • There are several ways to rent bikes in New York, but the most convenient is definitely Citi Bike.