Aladdin Broadway NYC: what to know about the musical

Hop on the genie's flying carpet and experience the magic of Disney on Broadway, New York's theatre mecca - you'll have a blast!

Nuria Rozas

Nuria Rozas

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Aladdin Broadway NYC: what to know about the musical

Scene from the Aladdin musical | ©Broadway

If you could make three wishes on Aladdin's magic lamp, which one would you choose? Surely one of them would be to teleport you to the Aladdin musical on Broadway and enjoy one of the best shows in the world in the Big Apple. Your wish is my command!

With this theatrical adaptation of the popular Disney film from the 90s, you will venture into the world of The Arabian Nights hand in hand with the friendly genie. A magic lamp. A flying carpet. And your imagination will do the rest!

In this article, I'll dust off the lamp and tell you how to book tickets to see the musical Aladdin on Broadway at the best price and with a great view.

My favourite

Aladdin Broadway Tickets

Best tickets to see Aladdin on Broadway

Enjoy one of the best musicals in New York and discover the magic of Aladdin with its spectacular staging.

Make a wish and it will be granted. Tickets to see the musical Aladdin on Broadway are at your fingertips and you don't have to look any further. My advice: book as soon as possible to save a few euros and at the same time choose a good seat that allows you to enjoy the best scenes, the incredible characterisation of the characters, the amazing flying carpet and the wonderful soundtrack of this musical.

Recommended if... you want to dream with the fantastic story of the young Aladdin, his lover Jasmine and the funny genie of the lamp. If you go with your children they will be amazed.

How to get tickets to see the musical Aladdin on Broadway

Scene of Aladdin and Yasmin in the Broadway musical| ©Melanie Robertson
Scene of Aladdin and Yasmin in the Broadway musical| ©Melanie Robertson

If there are two words that characterise the Broadway performance of Aladdin, it's "sold out". Day after day the Disney show continues to fill the theatre and hang the "sold out" sign. Therefore, I suggest that, once you confirm your trip to New York, you buy your tickets quickly online so you don't miss out.

In my experience, it is very difficult to buy tickets on the same day or in the same week. And with a good view it is practically impossible, unless Aladdin works a miracle. Keep in mind that New York is one of the most visited cities in the world with 65 million people per year and one of their favourite activities is to enjoy a good musical. Go for it!

Book your ticket for Aladdin now!

How much do tickets for Aladdin on Broadway cost?

Disney on Broadway| ©Kybel Glez
Disney on Broadway| ©Kybel Glez

This is one of the best value for money musicals on Broadway, you can find tickets for as little as 55 Euros. In general, these performances are not usually very cheap, but this is the exception that proves the rule. Even if it's not very cheap, going to see a musical is a once in a lifetime activity. The bad news? It won't be the last.

The difference in price between catching it early and catching it at the last minute is abysmal. For example, if you buy tickets for a couple of weeks in advance (in the few remaining time slots), the minimum ticket can cost around 80 euros, almost twice as much as if you buy them a couple of months in advance, which will cost around 58 euros.

Meanwhile, in the high season in New York (Christmas, Easter, July and August) prices soar. The maximum price that tickets can reach on special dates, for example 24 December (Christmas Eve), is approximately €450.

So if you can buy your tickets in advance, you can better organise your travel budget and secure a place at the New Amsterdam Theatre to see one of Broadway's best musicals.

Did you know?

Musicals were born by chance about 150 years ago on Broadway when a ballet ran out of a venue and a producer offered to combine their dances with the play 'The Black Crook', which became a huge success.

How to choose the best seats for Aladdin at the New Amsterdam Theatre

Pass to Aladdin at the New Amsterdam Theatre| ©Julian Paredes
Pass to Aladdin at the New Amsterdam Theatre| ©Julian Paredes

If you buy online, so you don't miss the ticket agent advising you on the best tickets for your budget, here are the three types of seats available, from the cheapest to the most expensive:


This area comprises the first floor of the theatre and, being the seats furthest from the stage, they are also the cheapest. They range in price from €58 to €100. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy the show at a good price.


This section is located on the first floor of the theatre and is cheaper than the main auditorium. The front seats also offer a very good view of the stage. Prices range from €100 to €270. This option is for those who are more discerning and want to pay a mid-range price.


This section is located in the main hall in front of the stage and is the best area in the whole theatre. The price ranges from €100 on the sides to €450 in the most exclusive seats in the centre. If you want to experience something very special and don't mind paying more for it, this is the place for you.

You can buy your tickets for the Aladdin musical on the official Hellotickets website. The advantage? It's in English and in Euros so you know exactly what you're paying. Whatever your choice of seat, it will be a show you won't forget!

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Which theatre is Aladdin playing on Broadway and what is the address?

New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway| ©Ajay Suresh
New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway| ©Ajay Suresh

The musical Aladdin plays every day (except Mondays) at the New Amsterdam, one of Broadway's oldest and, for me, most beautiful theatres. You'll enjoy both the Aladdin show and the iconic building, which has become a protected monument due to its beauty and history.

In terms of size, it's no match for the George Gershwin Theatre, which is the largest in New York with a capacity of almost 2,000 people. The New Amsterdam has a seating capacity of 1,700. However, at the time of construction (1903) it was the largest theatre in the Big Apple.

  • Location: New Amsterdam Theatre, 214 West 42nd Street, at Broadway and 42nd Streets.

Nuria's Traveller Tip

After the musical, just a 14-minute walk away, you can visit the most imposing skyscraper in the Big Apple, the Empire State Building, and climb to the 102nd floor. The views of the city at night are breathtaking!

Aladdin on Broadway performance schedule

Presentation of Aladdin to the Sultan| ©Anna Pham
Presentation of Aladdin to the Sultan| ©Anna Pham

If you are only going for a few days and you are afraid that the show will not be performed, don't worry, because there is a show every day in the evening, except on Mondays when the auditorium is closed. In addition, on Saturdays and Sundays there are two performances a day. To help you get organised: the performance lasts two and a half hours with an intermission. Take note:

  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday: 7pm
  • Wednesday: 7pm
  • Thursday: 7 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Sunday: 1 p.m. and 6.30 p.m.

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Is Aladdin recommended for children?

Near the New Amsterdam Theatre| ©LHAT_Photost
Near the New Amsterdam Theatre| ©LHAT_Photost

Of course it is! We have all grown up with the films Cinderella, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and the genie Aladdin. The stories of the Disney universe are for everyone and for all ages, whether you are a grandparent or a child!

In fact, watching Aladdin as a family is a great plan and will teach them great values such as love, effort and the struggle to get what you want. It will also make your imagination fly to exotic worlds, and how important imagination is when you are a child!

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What level of English do I need to see Aladdin on Broadway?

Aladdin and Jafar Broadway Musical| ©Atmtx
Aladdin and Jafar Broadway Musical| ©Atmtx

None. What's more, musicals in English are an excellent and very effective way to learn the language because of their combination of performing arts. I don't say so myself, several scientific studies say so. That's why it's best to let your hair down and try this musical.

Who hasn't hummed the song from 'Mamma Mia!' at some point ? And I'm sure that more than one, and more than two, didn't speak English. My advice is that before you travel to the city of skyscrapers, check out the film, so it will be much easier to follow the plot of this popular musical, they repeat the script almost verbatim!

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Why do I recommend Aladdin on Broadway?

Advertising in New York for the Aladdin show| ©Andre Nollkaemper
Advertising in New York for the Aladdin show| ©Andre Nollkaemper

The Aladdin show that debuted in 2011 in Seattle (USA) has celebrated a decade on stage in 2021 and is celebrating. So, if you haven't already, I highly recommend you attend this Broadway classic. This musical is no longer the little brother of The Lion King but its worthy successor.

Why is it one of the must-see musicals? For its excellent staging, for the excellent characterisation of the characters and for being one of the public's favourite musicals, which has made it one of Broadway's longest-running shows. After seeing it, you'll understand it too!

The best: its wonderful music

If the film won two Oscars, in the categories of Best Original Score and Best Original Song with 'An Ideal World', this revamped Tony Award-winning Broadway production is no slouch. The show includes five of the favourite songs from the soundtrack and many other musical surprises, which I won't reveal, that have been composed especially for the stage. Are you going to miss it?

A traditional tale with centuries of history

Did you know that...? The story of the film and the musical is actually based on the tale 'Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp' from 'The Thousand and One Nights', a famous medieval collection in Arabic of traditional tales collected in writing from the 9th century onwards. Another curiosity. In the classic tale, Aladdin was from China, no less!

In the new version, Aladdin is a handsome young thief who falls in love with the Sultan's daughter, Princess Jasmine. In order to win her, he accepts a challenge from the evil Jafar. Aladdin will have to enter a cave in the middle of the desert and get a magic lamp, which contains the Genie who will grant him all his wishes.

Nuria's Traveller Tip

Take advantage of the musical to visit Times Square, the heart of New York, where you will enjoy hundreds of illuminated panels and curious characters, like the Disney characters. It's worth it!

Do you have to dress up to see this Broadway musical?

Aladdin the Broadway musical| ©shitcaiime
Aladdin the Broadway musical| ©shitcaiime

Don't worry if you haven't packed anything fancy in your suitcase because you don't have to. The New Amsterdam theatre doesn't require a special dress code, so, as they say, you can wear a "relaxed outfit".

Ideally, if you're going to be sightseeing all day, you should pack something comfortable (as well as cute), like jeans, a T-shirt and, very importantly, a jacket for the theatre's air conditioning, so you can enjoy a long day of entertainment in the best conditions. And, of course, shoes that allow you to feel comfortable!

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Can you see the musical Aladdin for free?

Bryant Park at night| ©Moshe Ovadya
Bryant Park at night| ©Moshe Ovadya

The million dollar question! Oh, how we all love the word "free". Even our eyes light up when we hear it. Well, the answer is yes, but there's a catch. Let me explain why. Every summer, New York hosts the free Broadway in Bryant Park festival, which traces the history of musicals through a selection of Broadway hits, including Aladdin, although the programme changes every year.

And while the experience is wonderful, it's more like a picnic with music, where you can bring your own towel and enjoy the musicals on the lawn, than a real musical. While it's an excellent idea as an artistic appetizer, it loses the charm and magic of the great Broadway theatres, the incredible sets and the characterisation. Take it from me!

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Where to dine and drink after seeing Aladdin on Broadway

Toloache, the best tequila on Broadway| ©Leo Reynolds
Toloache, the best tequila on Broadway| ©Leo Reynolds

There are two options: you can eat before or after the show. I know dinner at 6pm might be a little early for you - me too! But after a day of walking around New York, you might even appreciate it. If you decide to grab a bite to eat before the musical, be sure to tell the waiter that you have tickets for the 7pm showing of Aladdin. It's common practice and you'll avoid any delays.

Many restaurants also close at 10pm, so if you're dining after that you'll be a little late for some places. However, Broadway never sleeps and you'll find plenty of options open later than 10pm. Here's one of them!

The best tequila on Broadway

If you're craving a good meal and a cocktail after the show, I recommend the Mexican restaurant Toloache. This bar has a bar with more than 100 bottles of tequila and an exquisite modern cuisine based on guacamole, tacos and ceviche, in a place decorated with elegant elements imported from Mexico. It's the ideal place for tequila lovers!

Where: 251 West 50th Street

Burgers and rock 'n' roll at the Hard Rock

The USA is the temple of burgers and fast food, so if you want to enjoy a tasty fast food meal after the musical, I suggest you visit the Hard Rock Café, where you can have a good American burger and browse through their impressive collection of music memorabilia.

Among them, you'll find items from legends such as The Beatles, Nirvana and "The King of Rock and Roll", Elvis Presley, adorning the walls of the café along with more contemporary memorabilia, such as the costumes Madonna wore to one of her concerts. A unique experience!

Where: in Times Square, at 1501 Broadway.

Did you know that...?

The new Aladdin movie, starring Will Smith, was filmed in the Wadi Rum desert (Jordan), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other recommended Broadway musicals

Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre| ©Yolky
Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre| ©Yolky

If after seeing the musical Aladdin, you're left wanting more, don't worry, it's a normal feeling, it happens to all of us! To whet your appetite, here are some suggestions of the best musicals you can see on Broadway:

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