Secret Tour of Central London

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Experience Highlights

Join this walking tour of central London and delve into the city's unique past and present.

In groups of 20 people maximum and for approximately 1.5 hours, you'll discover off-the-beaten-path places such as the world's smallest police station, illuminated alleyways, unusual pubs, the world's most superstitious hotel and much more.

  • You'll wander London's famous hidden streets accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.
  • You will visit Trafalgar Square, the square commemorating the 1805 British battle against France and Spain.
  • You will enjoy the area with the best offer of theatres and shows in the city, Covent Garden.

What’s included

  • Secret London Tour
  • Professional guide
  • Experience in small groups

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Step by Step

You'll enjoy a tour of approximately one and a half hours to delve into the history and life of central London. A knowledgeable guide will accompany you on the tour through the most iconic areas, off-the-beaten-path spots and the most famous entertainment squares of the city centre.

The walking tour includes stops in areas such as Trafalgar Square where you will see the Nelson Column, created in honour of Admiral Nelson, famous for his victories in the French and Napoleonic Wars.

You'll pass The National Gallery, known as London's picture gallery and the city's most iconic beacon of light, which houses the world's smallest police station with a maximum capacity of 2 people.

You'll pass the illustrious Admiralty Arch where Napoleon's nose is reproduced and St Paul's Church and its beautiful gardens.

You will walk along the Strand, one of the streets with the best entertainment, shops, bars, theatres and restaurants. It is also home to one of the world's most superstitious hotels and landmark buildings such as Somerset House.

It's an ideal tour for both Londoners looking for the unexpected and tourists who want to delve into London's culture and history.


· 251 Reviews
  • H
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    They were not exactly secret or mysterious places in the city but it was a pleasant tour.
  • K
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    It was nice to walk around and take a minute to appreciate the smaller but equally interesting and fun stories. It would have been amazing if the tour had lasted a little longer.
  • D
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    We had such a wonderful tour on Saturday. The guide was punctual and we got to discover more about London and its hidden places. We learned a lot and the guide was not only informative but also fun.
  • A
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    Fun and interesting tour of places you wouldn't normally go or just pass by.
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