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Experience Highlights

Recreate your own James Bond fan scene on this walking tour of London, which will take you through the film locations of the most coveted British spy in film and literature.

You'll pass through more than 10 locations in the English capital, which served as film sets to bring to life the character created by writer Ian Fleming, masterfully brought from novels to the big screen.

You will discover the secrets of the British Secret Service with a professional guide, in groups of around 30 people.

  • Explore London on foot as you walk through James Bond film locations.
  • Learnthe story behind Fleming's novels and how they were made into films.
  • Have your photo taken in the style ofAgent 007 at the city's most iconic landmarks

What’s included

  • London Walking Tour
  • Themed tour of James Bond film locations
  • Professional expert guide to the history of Agent 007
  • Oyster Card (for a short bus journey in Zone 1)

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Step by Step

This walking tour of London will transport you into the world of the James Bond films . You'll walk through the locations of such film gems as Skyfall, Spectre, A View to Kill, Die AnotherDay and the latest in the saga, No Time to Die.

A professional guide will reveal, over the course of two and a half hours, the hidden secrets behind the film sets, taking in some of the English capital's must-see locations.

These include the Westminster area, the centre of London's government buildings, where Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square are located.

You will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of Agent 007, as you enjoy an immersive first-person journey through the unforgettable scenes from the feature films of the British Secret Service spy, created by writer Ian Fleming.

You will see, among more than 10 locations, the imposing offices of MI6, where the UK's Secret Intelligence Service operates in real life - and in the films - in the Vauxhall Cross area.

The experience also includes a short bus tour, so you'll need an Oyster Card that covers Zone 1.


· 313 Reviews
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    I have booked with them before and was keen to try a different tour, my only problem was that I did several tours in one day and ended up very tired.
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    The payment method is very secure and confirm at the time, that's to thank because I could stay more calm.
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    I love booking tours on this site because they always take into account social distancing and covid measures.
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    The tour is on foot but it is well thought out because at any time you can use the public transport nearby.
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