London Haunting Stories & Legends Exploration Game

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Experience Highlights

Explore the Mayfair neighbourhood like a ghost hunter with your mobile phone, without guides or strict itineraries when you purchase this exploration game Haunting Stories & Legends in London.

You will be your own guide by downloading the mobile app and accessing this game that will lead you to discover the hidden mystery behind the most terrifying myths and legends of the English capital, putting pieces together like a horror puzzle until you reach your final destination.

  • Get to know London with an interactive digital game of ghosts and mysteries
  • Simply download the mobile app, access the game and decipher the terrifying clues.
  • Complete horror challenges as you explore the myths and legends from beyond the grave in the English capital.
  • You can take the tour without the need for an internet connection or GPS, just use the mobile app.

What’s included

  • Haunting Stories & Legends exploration game via mobile application

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Step by Step

Step into the shoes of a ghost hunter and get to know London from a terrifying perspective when you purchase this exploration game from Haunting Stories & Legends.

The mobile app will lead you through a series of mysterious clues and intriguing puzzles that, when deciphered, will reveal the history and secrets of each location, classic spots of little explored myths and legends of horror in England.

This fun game will take you on a tour of London's Mayfair neighbourhood, as you wander through various stations and locations where horror has been at the heart of the city's history, such as the royal park Green Park, Bond Street and the Queen's Chapel.

Just download the mobile app and request a digital ticket for the game. If you want to take the tour as a group, you can also request access for each participant from the same app. With no physical guides or strict itineraries, you can do it at your own pace.

As you complete each challenge, you can take a break as you please, and then move on to your final destination, where you will have experienced the most haunted streets and places in the city.

You will have the opportunity to live a very entertaining, dynamic and free 'beyond the grave' experience, with no limitations, as you will not need an Internet connection or to follow GPS coordinates to advance. Everything you need to complete it is in the mobile app.


· 225 Reviews
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    A recommended game whether you are travelling alone or in a group, in a different and fun way you get to know more about this incredible city and above all at a very good price.
  • Z
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    My group of friends and I decided to play this game in the early hours of the morning in order to be in a more scary atmosphere and although it is true that we solved many of the clues easily we enjoyed the game a lot too.
  • M
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    As we had the whole day free we were able to look for places where we could enjoy the typical English food and then we could go back to the activity and enjoy a bit more the whole day together.
  • F
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    It's great that we could play without an internet connection as just a couple of days before the game I had problems with my phone company and was without data on my mobile.
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