Buckingham Palace Guided Tour Including Changing of the Guard Ceremony

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Experience Highlights

Enjoy one of London's most iconic landmarks, Buckingham Palace, including its most anticipated event, the Changing of the Guard ceremony. For around 2.5 hours, you'll enjoy both attractions, including the inside of this great palace along with an audio tour of its best rooms, something that is only possible for a few weeks of the year. This period is usually between the end of July and the beginning of September. During this visit you will be part of a group of around 25 people.

But this is not your only experience, you will also be able to witness the colourful spectacle of the changing of the guard ceremony. You will watch as the soldiers defending the palace change shifts.

  • Enjoy the inside of Buckingham Palace, which is only available for about 8 weeks of the year.
  • Inside you'll enjoy every detail with an audio guide.
  • Witness the iconic Changing of the Guard ceremony at the palace entrance.

What’s included

  • Professional Host
  • Audio guide to Buckingham Palace
  • Changing of the Guard Ceremony
  • Entrance to Buckingham Palace

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Step by Step

Buckingham Palace is the most important palace in England. That's why, during this 2 and a half hour visit, you will be able to access the inside of the palace, something quite exclusive as its doors are only open for about 8 weeks a year.

This visit will take place in groups of a maximum of 25 people. Before entering the palace, you will be accompanied by a professional host to guide you every step of the way. In addition to the palace, this tour will also give you a privileged view of the changing of the guard ceremony.

Specifically, you will stand behind the palace gates, thus having an impressive view of the changing of the soldiers and the horses of the royal army. This ceremony is one of the main attractions of the palace, as it is a colourful spectacle accompanied by cavalry and even drums. However, if there is heavy rain or the changing of the guard is brought forward to the early hours of the morning, the ceremony will be replaced by a walking tour.

Leaving the ceremony aside, and turning your attention to Buckingham Palace, inside you can enjoy an audio guide. Specifically, this audio guide lasts approximately 1 hour and will take you through all kinds of rooms and halls of the palace. You will visit his majesty's luxurious chambers, huge rooms with classical works of art and perfectly upholstered and historical furniture. This way, you will have been able to get to know the interior of one of the most culturally relevant buildings in the whole of England.


· 207 Reviews
  • M
    Marie-Paule Foy
    (0 Reviews)
    Superbe visite très intéressante grâce à notre guide Nathalie qui fut passionnante. Ses explications étaient détaillées et riches d’anecdotes. Aucun temps mort, Nathalie prenait soin de nous offrir de nombreuses informations pendant les temps de transition. Elle veilla également constamment à ne perdre aucun membres du groupe. Guide vraiment très professionnelle ! Félicitations
  • S
    Samuele Sarotto
    (0 Reviews)
    Visita interessante e completa, zero stress per capire dove passano, sei guidato in ogni passo, la guida (Nathalie) è stata gentile e preparata. Consigliato!!!
  • K
    Karin Dreher
    (0 Reviews)
    Den Gardewechsel haben wir nicht gesehen -
  • A
    (0 Reviews)
    The best way to get to know the city if you're only in London for a short time.
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