10 Things to do in Tenerife with Kids

Enjoying the best things to do in Tenerife is not only possible but necessary with children. They encourage us to leave the beach to join in the adventures that the island has to offer and enjoy it as a family.

Carla Yaquer

Carla Yaquer

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10 Things to do in Tenerife with Kids

Looking at the Giants | ©Udri

Tenerife is one of those places where children will have a great time during a family holiday. Beyond the beach, the island offers a host of activities that will be great fun for them.

Discovering the marine flora and fauna of the Canary Islands in a submarine, taking part in interactive activities in the best museums, zip-lining through the treetops, reaching the highest point in the Canaries, and not forgetting whale watching are just some of the best things to do in Tenerife and all of them can be done with children.

1. Fly on zip wires in the Tenerife Forest Park

Zip line in Tenerife| ©Anselmo Rodríguez
Zip line in Tenerife| ©Anselmo Rodríguez

Share with the kids one of the best outdoor activities in Tenerife: zip-lining. I assure you that you will spend unforgettable moments together with the children transformed into Tarzan or Indiana Jones during the 2-3 hours of fun that Forestal Park Tenerife offers.

Together with them, you will be able to move between the treetops on the longest zip lines in the Canary Islands in a totally safe activity. To start with, you'll have to climb a 30-metre rope ladder to reach the circuit of 11 zip lines up to 230 metres long.

Afterwards, it's just a matter of swinging on the lianas, crossing Tibetan bridges and enjoying the games and swings.

Interesting details

  • Opening hours: Friday to Sunday between 10:00-16:00. It is necessary to arrive 15-30 minutes before the entrance time to receive the introductory talk and safety equipment necessary for the activities.
  • Address: Carretera de la Esperanza, Km 16, Las Lagunetas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Important: To do the family circuit a minimum height of 1.1m is required and in the case of the sports circuit, a minimum height of 1.45m.

2. Explore the Teide National Park

Visit the Teide National Park| ©Marek Piwnicki
Visit the Teide National Park| ©Marek Piwnicki

Sunsets on Teide have gained popularity in the area thanks to the romantic nature of the event, but among the mountains of the largest national park in the Canaries there are exhilarating activities for adults and children on one of the best day trips in Tenerife.

Ascent of Mount Teide by cable car

Excursions to Teide include climbing Spain's highest peak to enjoy views of the multi-coloured volcano.

The trip takes 8 minutes from the base, then you can take the Pico Viejo, La Fortaleza or Telesforo Bravo trails. On the first two you can trek with your children.

Stargazing from the viewpoints on Teide

In La Rambleta you will find the viewpoints of La Fortaleza and Pico Viejo, 200 metres before reaching an altitude of 3,718 metres. From there you will be able to contemplate what NASA baptised as the window to the universe, an impressive shower of stars that make their way through the sea of clouds.

The observation experience can be done with a full guided tour that includes dinner with traditional Canarian food, cava and photographs of the excursion.

Children will enjoy the show and the computerised telescopes will become precious toys in this family experience.

Book your stargazing excursion on Teide

3. Enjoy the adventure of the theme parks in Puerto de la Cruz

Siam Park| ©Andrei Rosca
Siam Park| ©Andrei Rosca

One of the best things to do with children is to take them to one of Tenerife's theme parks, located in the north of the island.

You will be able to choose, according to their tastes, between the Siam Park water park and Loro Park, a zoo inspired by tropical beauty. This is the kind of experience that should make up a full day in your calendar of activities with children.

Siam Park

Siam Park evokes the ancient Kingdom of Siam. In its facilities you will find everything from a floating market to the most entertaining aquatic experiences for children and adults. There are 185.000 mt2 covered with attractions for the whole family

There you can jump on inflatable rafts over the rapids, surf the biggest artificial wave in the world, experience the adrenaline of the Tower of Power slide or relax on a white sand beach while the children discover The lost city among multiple bridges, towers, slides, nets and waterfalls.

  • Opening hours: In summer, (between July and September) Monday to Sunday between 10:00-18:00 hours.
  • Address: Av. Siam, s/n, Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Important: Children under 3 years old are free of charge.

Loro Parque

From the aquatic world we move on to Loro Parque Zoo, an adventure park with marine and land animals surrounded by exotic nature, tropical palm trees, Thai architecture, although the stars of the place are, without a doubt, the killer whales.

If you dare, there you will be able to experience the thrill of the 4 shows of the park, starring:

  • Sea lions.
  • Dolphins.
  • Orcas.
  • Parrots.

Loro Parque has an exclusive area for the little ones: Kinderlandia, a children's leisure area with hanging bridges, winding slides, a train and the adventure of getting to know the inside of a tree. For its commitment to the environment, this park has been certified by the Animal Embassy since 2005.

  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday between 09:30-17:30 hours.
  • Address: Av. Loro Parque, s/n, Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Important: Children under 6 years old are free of charge.

Book tickets for Siam Park

4. Visit the best museums in Tenerife

Pyramids of Güímar| ©Peter Allan
Pyramids of Güímar| ©Peter Allan

Take your children on an entertaining tour that presents the history of Tenerife from the Guanches and the archaeological remains of the aborigines to the observatory of the cosmos, passing through the pyramids of the world.

Among the best museums in Tenerife, I will tell you which ones are the most appropriate for children to have a good time and not get bored.

The Pyramids of Güímar

Also known as Majano de Chacona, this is an ethnographic museum where six volcanic rock pyramids surround a sustainable botanical garden, a poison garden, and a Polynesian exhibition, plus seasonal exhibitions. Here you can learn about the most exotic pyramids around the globe.

  • Opening hours: Calle Chacona, s/n Güímar, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Address: Monday to Sunday between 10:00-18:00 hours.

Buy your tickets for the Pyramids of Güímar

Museum of Science and the Cosmos

This is an initiative of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute) that allows you to travel along the paths of the Milky Way in an interactive way.

I must say that it is easy to see why this museum captures the attention of the youngest visitors. You can go on astronomical camping trips, enjoy the planetarium, take part in live experiments, play in the mirror maze, watch films or learn about the legends of the night sky...

There is no doubt that at the Museum of Science and the Cosmos the fun is endless.

  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday between 09:00-19:00. Sundays between 10:00-17:00 hours.
  • Address: Avenida de los Menceyes, 70, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

La Casa de los Balcones

This stately residence -mainly known as **Casa Fonseca-**retains its 17th-century appearance. This is Tenerife's most famous craft centre, where you can not only get your hands on one of these pieces, but also see them being made live by the craftsmen who work here.

  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday between 08:- 30 and 08:00.
  • Address: Calle San Francisco 3, La Orotava


Buy your tickets for La Casa de los Balcones

5. Visit the only real jungle in Spain

Jungle Park in Tenerife| ©Maria Hernandez
Jungle Park in Tenerife| ©Maria Hernandez

Now you don't need to travel outside Spain to see a real jungle: in Tenerife you will find the only real jungle in the country. It is a space of 75,000 m2 with a hundred species, with around 400 animals.

In Jungle Park you can see birds of prey, such as eagles, Humboldt penguins, macaws, pelicans, toucans, ibis and other exotic birds.

It is also possible to walk among lemurs, watch live feeding of crocodiles and penguins, witness the sea lion show, walk through the Orchidarium or cross the hanging bridges to discover the dense jungle of the place.

This is one of the unforgettable experiences for the little ones thanks to the dynamic and interactive activities.

Interesting details

  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday between 10:00 and 17- :30.
  • Address: Urbanización Las Águilas del Teide, Km 3, Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Buy your tickets to Jungle Park

6. Kayak and snorkel surrounded by sea turtles

Enjoy the sun and sea in your kayak.| ©Thom Schneider
Enjoy the sun and sea in your kayak.| ©Thom Schneider

Take your children to get up close and personal with Tenerife's marine life. Kayaking and snorkelling in the island's bay you might see the 5 types of dolphins that live in the area.

Once you make your way to the hidden corners, you and the kids can put on your mask and snorkel to see thesea turtles and bishop fish

Book your kayak tour with sea turtles and dolphins in Tenerife

7. Sail along the south coast of Tenerife with your children on a jet ski

On a jet ski| ©Jet-Ski Safari
On a jet ski| ©Jet-Ski Safari

In Tenerife you can explore the south coast with your children on a jet ski under the guidance of a professional. From the first minute, the children will be delighted. Sailboats are great for the family, but if you want to add adrenaline and fun, this experience has your name written all over it.

Usually this type of experience departs from Puerto Colón or from the port of San Miguel, where the companies will be waiting for you with all the necessary equipment to ensure your safety and that of your children. Wetsuits, life jackets, even snorkelling tubes and masks are usually included.

The route usually covers the Costa del Silencio, Montaña Amarilla, Punta Rasca lighthouse, Los Cristianos, Las Galletas and as much as the weather permits during a 1-2 hour ride.

An adult of legal age is in charge of the motorbike, although people from 16 years and older are allowed with the signed consent of their parents or guardians. As co-pilots, the youngest members of the family. From 5 years and upwards they can join the adventure, as long as they are strong enough to hold on to the driver.

Book a jet ski tour along the south coast

8. See whales and dolphins in their natural habitat

Get up close to the dolphins| ©Danny UK
Get up close to the dolphins| ©Danny UK

This is one of the unmissable activities in Tenerife, especially if you are passing through the island in summer, the best time for whale and dolphin watching. Here I must say that children are just an excuse to sign up for this type of excursion, as in reality the event is enjoyed by everyone.

During this type of experience you will explore the coast of Tenerife. Often you will visit the bay of Masca, the whale sanctuary of Teno-Rasca, Los Gigantes and other places.

Best of all, whale watching excursions start at just €25. From that point you can choose options with food and drink, swimming stops or with transport included.

I recommend that you take part in this activity and follow the tips for whale and dolphin watching with children. The variety of dolphins and types of whales that inhabit Tenerife will not leave you indifferent.

Book a whale watching excursion in Tenerife

9. Explore the marine life in a real submarine

Submarine in Tenerife| ©Jig Saw
Submarine in Tenerife| ©Jig Saw

The sea surface is easy to explore by kayak, paddle, sailboat or with your snorkel, but is it possible to visit the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in Tenerife? Yes, in a tourist submarine.

On board this underwater safari, you and the kids can take one of the 42 seats provided for the adventure. The group descends to about 30 metres around the port of Amarilla and, as soon as you are submerged in the ocean, you will be able to see schools of fish, families of rays, corals and even cetaceans through the 22 skylights of the submarine.

Interesting details

  • Opening hours: Sunday to Friday between 09:00-19- :00 and Saturday between 09:00-17:00.
  • Address: Marina San Miguel, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

10. Pirates for a day!

Pirate Ship in Tenerife| ©Thomas Tolkien
Pirate Ship in Tenerife| ©Thomas Tolkien

Not only will you be able to go on a boat trip in Tenerife, but you will also be able to become a real pirate, starting with the clothes you wear. You and your children will be able to sail along the south coast of the island just as the old corsairs did.

The 3-hour tour starts in Los Cristianos and ends in La Gomera. While the crew entertains you with sword games and interactive activities, you can have drinks at the bar of the boat.

With this experience you can relive the time of the great Vikings. The adventure is designed for the youngest members of the family and it is worth noting that this ship takes great care to ensure that both adults and children enjoy the ride.

Bring your camera and swimming costume, as you'll be able to splash around in the water at La Caleta and complete the tour by snorkelling alongside the sea turtles.

Details of interest

  • Where to find the pirate ship: In the excursion area in Los Cristianos.
  • Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 13:00 hours.