Seville Fine Arts Museum Guided Tour

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Get to know the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville in this guided tour of approximately one hour and a half . It is considered one of the most important art galleries in the country and in this experience you will be able to walk through its corridors while you contemplate outstanding works by artists such as Murillo, Velázquez, Zurbarán, El Greco and Valdés Leal.

This museum is the greatest exponent of Sevillian Baroque painting. Together with a professional guide and in a small group of 9 people, you will explore in depth this museum composed of 14 rooms where there are works of very varied styles, dedicated to Mannerism, Naturalism or Baroque.

  • Join this guided tour of the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville, the museum with the most works of Sevillian Baroque painting.
  • The expert guide will accompany you on this tour in which you will see a large part of the work of painters such as Murillo, Valdés Leal and Zurbarán.
  • Up to 14 rooms dedicated to naturalism, Mannerism, Renaissance art, 8th century art and much more.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville
  • Professional guide
  • Guided tour in small groups

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Step by Step

Whether you're an art lover or not, you're going to love this guided tour of the Seville Museum of Fine Arts. In this space you will find dozens of paintings spread over 14 rooms dedicated to multiple pictorial styles such as naturalism, Renaissance art and Mannerism. This activity will take place in groups of approximately 9 people and will last about an hour and a half.

This is the setting with the greatest artistic legacy in this highly cultural city. Accompanied by a guide, as well as finding paintings by acclaimed artists such as Murillo, el Greco, Velázquez and Valdés Leal, you will also see how these works deal with Andalusian customs of past centuries, such as bandits, bullfighting and fairs.

The city of Seville is home to one of the largest collections of heritage, art, culture and history in the whole country, and an obvious example of this is the Museum of Fine Arts. This is possibly the second most important and emblematic art gallery in Spain, second only to the Prado Museum in Madrid.

Located in the former Convent of La Merced Calzada, the museum was officially inaugurated in 1835. It is also the reference point for Andalusian Baroque painting and 19th century Andalusian painting. During the tour you will see collections by Alonso Cano, Murillo and El Greco, but also Velázquez and Goya.

Among his most outstanding paintings, we could mention the following:

  • Las Cigarreras, by Bilbao Martínez
  • Portrait of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, by Dominguez Bécquer
  • Portrait of Jorge Manuel, by El Greco
  • The Temptations of Saint Jerome, by Valdés Leal
  • Santas Justas and Rufina, by Murillo


· 27 Reviews
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    I highly recommend this tour if you are in Seville, it is well worth it.
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    The guide provided me with additional information by answering my questions and, at the same time, made me think and discover artistic details that I had not paid attention to before.
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    My visit to this museum was very special because I had the opportunity to be accompanied by an extraordinary guide.
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    It was worth every penny and more!
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