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Kayak activities in Menorca

Get ready to discover some of the most beautiful kayaking routes, which will take you to discover the sea caves and coves of Menorca that cannot be reached in any other way

Alex Grande

Alex Grande

6 min read

Kayak activities in Menorca

Preparing a kayaking excursion in Menorca | ©Joan Mesquida

Menorca is natural beauty and wilderness in its purest form, and is one of those places that rewards those who dare to be adventurous. To discover the untamed side of the island, you'll need a kayak and snorkelling goggles.

Only then will you be able to reach sea caves and coves otherwise inaccessible, and marvel at the treasures hidden between the cliffs and beneath the sea.

The best option
Half-day kayak excursion and snorkelling in Menorca

Over 3 hours of kayaking and snorkelling choosing your own itinerary

Accompanied at all times by an expert local guide, you will enjoy the crystal clear waters of Menorca paddling towards the most beautiful caves of the island or in the Bay of Fornells. You will also be able to swim and snorkel to discover the marine species

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
From £43 at Hellotickets

The aim of this experience is to take you to discover coves, cliffs and caves that can only be reached by kayak. There are two different routes to do in this kayaking activity, and both can be done in the morning (9:30) or in the afternoon (15:30).

During this activity you will always be accompanied by a specialised guide who will accompany the group so that you don't miss the most impressive spots. He will recommend you the best places to stop and will answer all your questions. At the end of the excursion you will have time for a refreshment and a snack to recharge your batteries, which is included in the price.

Why I like this tour: Of all the options on the island, this is the most flexible and the most complete for a very reasonable price. On the one hand, it allows you to customize the itinerary, choosing between the caves or the Bay of Fornells and on the other hand, you can also choose between morning or afternoon.

Recommended if... you want to make the most of a morning or afternoon on the water. The snorkelling stop is a must!

Where is the best place to kayak in Menorca?

Cala Tamarells | ©Charlotte Nadadora
Cala Tamarells | ©Charlotte Nadadora

This activity allows you to choose between two different routes in two of the best spots on the island.

In the Cave tour, you will visit the north and south coast of the island, discovering unique places such as the Cueva de los Ingleses, Sa Torreta, an area of beautiful meadows, and the virgin beaches of Tamarells, where you can observe the vast fauna and flora under the sea with the snorkelling equipment provided by your instructors.

On the Itinerary around the Bay of Fornells, you will pass Cala Blanca, Cala Teulera, Punta de Ses Salines, Isla Sargantana where you can see a watchtower built by the British during the occupation of Menorca at the beginning of the 19th century. You will then head to the mouth of the bay to snorkel.

Whichever route you choose, you will finish at Cabra Salada, the beach of Fornells, to enjoy an appetizer and a cold drink and share with your group mates all that you have seen under the sea surface.

**How to choose between the two itineraries? Both are spectacular and the cave itinerary in particular is more exciting, but a little more physically demanding. If you prefer to take a leisurely kayak trip along the coast and enjoy the sea and the sky, choose the Fornells Bay route.

Practical information: before booking

Nature and good company | ©Thomas Lardeau
Nature and good company | ©Thomas Lardeau

Do I need to be in good physical shape to do the tour?

You don't need to be very fit to go kayaking, as the routes are not excessively long and don't require any special physical effort. Just bear in mind that you'll be paddling for a while, but the views and the surroundings are worth it!

If you've never been kayaking before, don't worry: you'll be provided with full equipment and you'll receive a briefing before you start the experience, as well as being accompanied at all times by an expert kayaking guide.

What details you will need to provide

The steps to book this experience are simple: indicate a date and number of participants and choose the itinerary and start time of the trip. You will be asked for some details (be sure to provide an email address that you use) and you will be taken to the checkout page. Once you validate your payment you will receive a confirmation email.

Check that all the details are correct, and I recommend that you save the email so that you have it to hand on the day of the kayaking experience. Another option is to print out the confirmation, although as this is a sea experience, it can be a bit cumbersome to have to carry a piece of paper with you.

Cancellation is available for this tour

You can cancel at any time before the tour, but you will only receive a 100% refund if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

What happens if it rains or if the weather is bad?

It is very rare to have bad weather in summer in Menorca, but if it rains or the sea is too rough it is likely that the excursion will be cancelled and you will get your money back or you will be offered a postponed date.

Alex's Traveller Tip

Doing the tour in the morning will ensure you get the best light to see the marine life on the snorkelling activity, even if you have to get up a little early.

Why it's worth kayaking in Menorca

Discover uncrowded coves | ©Travelinho
Discover uncrowded coves | ©Travelinho

You can kayak in a lot of places, but Menorca is definitely the place where it is worth doing it, because of the possibility of adding visits to your trip that you could not access otherwise.

On the other hand, it's a perfect activity to do with the family or if you're normally looking for experiences that include some physical activity on your holiday.

It is also a particularly beautiful experience if you are interested in marine life, as you will be able to see it in all its splendour in its natural habitat on beaches and coves with very few tourists.

Last but not least, a must for this experience is that the group size is maximum 12 people, which ensures that the instructor is always looking out for you and that the activity remains interesting from start to finish.

What to bring to this experience

Sport, sun, sea and beach | ©Artem Zhukov
Sport, sun, sea and beach | ©Artem Zhukov

Make sure to include the following in your backpack to comfortably enjoy the kayaking excursion:

  • Swimwear and towel
  • Synthetic or lycra T-shirt for the water
  • Cap and sunglasses (preferably with a drawstring so you don't lose them in the water)
  • Water shoes
  • Sun cream
  • Water bottle
  • A change of clothes

Other interesting activities in Menorca

Feel the speed with jet skis in Menorca | ©Bas van den Eijkhof
Feel the speed with jet skis in Menorca | ©Bas van den Eijkhof

Maybe you like the sea but not getting wet, and if so I recommend you to change the kayaking activity for a relaxing boat ride from where you can watch the sunset falling over the coves and beaches of Menorca. You won't go down to explore them and discover the immensity of marine life below the surface, but you'll have an unforgettable experience anyway. If you want to read more about this experience, here you have all the information: Boat tours in Menorca.

Another activity that combines adventure with unforgettable sunset views is the Jeep tour in Menorca. You will pass through forests, meadows, quarries converted into labyrinths and cliffs, to end the day watching the sunset from a natural viewpoint while tasting typical handicraft products. Read more here: Jeep Safari in Menorca.

And if you still haven't found what will leave an indelible memory of your trip to Menorca, here is a list of ten great plans to enjoy this jewel of the Balearic Islands as it deserves: 10 Best Activities in Minorca.