Granada Cathedral Tickets

Granada Cathedral is one of the most impressive sights in Granada. Here I tell you everything you need to know to organise a visit to this important monument so loved and admired by the people of Granada.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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Granada Cathedral Tickets

Granada Cathedral | ©Javier Gallego

Among the must-do activities on any visit to Granada is a visit to its beautiful Renaissance Cathedral. A tour of its facilities is on every list of things to see and do in this idyllic city.

This important monument is considered an Asset of Cultural Interest and has been part of **Spain'**s historical heritage for decades. Beyond its status as a work of art and its impressive architecture, this temple is part of the evolution and history of Granada. Therefore, as with the Alhambra, a visit to this place is vital to understand the particular essence of Granada.

1. How much do tickets to Granada Cathedral cost?

Inside the Cathedral| ©Javier Gallego
Inside the Cathedral| ©Javier Gallego

One of the best things about visiting Granada is that, compared to other Spanish cities with a similar tourist flow, it is a fairly affordable destination. In general, its attractions and monuments are reasonably priced considering all they have to offer.

The Cathedral of Granada is no exception to this rule, which is why, despite being an impressive architectural and historical monument, it has an economic price range and visitors make a basic contribution that helps the maintenance and conservation of the temple. The official prices are as follows.

  • Adults: Approximately €5.00, whether visiting the monument on your own or as part of an organised tour.
  • Accredited students: Pay €3.5 if you are under 25 years old.
  • People with disabilities: Special rate of €3.5 per individual.
  • Children under 12 years old: Free admission.

Schools belonging to Granada and province can enter for free by appointment at a pre-arranged time.

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2. Are there guided tours of Granada Cathedral and are they worth it?

Touring the Cathedral| ©José Balsas García
Touring the Cathedral| ©José Balsas García

Of course they are! Organised visits to the Cathedral of Granada are among the most popular excursions for tourists, only surpassed by guided tours of the Alhambra or tapas tours of the different neighbourhoods of Granada.

I personally consider that exploring the Cathedral of Granada with a specialised guide is very worthwhile. Moreover, most experiences of this type include not only a visit to the majestic Cathedral, but also to other outstanding monuments in the centre of Granada.

By booking this type of tour, you end up being part of an enriching experience that places each of the sites visited in its own historical and social context to help you understand the why of things and their relevance to the growth and evolution of the city.

Finally, the tours are organised on foot, to get to know and see more of the city. In addition, an expert guide accompanies you every step of the way and you can ask him any questions you may have.

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3. How to get your tickets for the Granada Cathedral at the ticket office

Details of the bell of the Cathedral| ©Nic lai
Details of the bell of the Cathedral| ©Nic lai

You can get your tickets to visit the Cathedral directly from the ticket office. Queues are usually not very long unless you are visiting the city at a busy time of year, such as spring or summer in Granada.

If you book an organised tour, visits to this architectural site are, in most cases, included in the price of the experience. If you are unsure, contact the organising company a few days before your trip to be on the safe side.

If you want to buy your own tickets to visit the religious temple, they are on sale on this website.

4. Are tickets to the Granada Cathedral included in any of the city's tourist passes?

Granada Card| ©Granada Turismo
Granada Card| ©Granada Turismo

Yes, the visit to the Cathedral of Granada is included in the Granada Card. When you buy this card you get a free pass for the main monuments of Granada and, additionally, certain transport services.

  • The Granada Card includes: in addition to the Cathedral, you can also visit the Royal Chapel, the Cartuja, the Abbey of Sacromonte, the Science Park, the Casa de Zafra, the Alhambra, the Museum of Fine Arts, Bañuelo and many more.

  • Price: The approximate price of the Granada Card ranges from €40 for 48 hours to €43 for a 72 hour pass. This type of tourist pass is best used if you visit the city for several days, for example 2 days in Granada or more.

5. How to get to Granada Cathedral

Granada Metro| ©José Francisco Pujazón
Granada Metro| ©José Francisco Pujazón

The Cathedral of Granada is located right in the centre of the city, so getting there is very easy and you will find several transport alternatives.


When the intention is to really get to know the city, walking around the streets is the best alternative, especially in small cities like Granada. As I already mentioned, the Cathedral is located in the very centre of Granada, not far from other important attractions such as the Alhambra or the popular Calle del Darro.

However, if you are travelling to the Granada Cathedral from further afield, such as the Albaicín neighbourhood, it is advisable to opt for an alternative means of transport.

Public transport

You can get to this area of the city using Granada's public transport. As this is the central area of the city, you will find several alternatives. These are the most important ones.

  • Granada Metro: The city of Granada has a single metro line that runs through the most important towns and cities. If you use this service you will have to get off at Méndez Núñez station, located just 15 minutes walk from the Cathedral.

  • Granada Bus: One of the most used public transport services by locals, as the public bus in Granada is highly efficient. If you decide to use this method of transport, the lines that pass close to the Cathedral are: line 21, line 33, line 4, line 8 and line N5. The nearest stops are the Plaza Nueva stop (just 1 minute walk from the Cathedral); the stops at Gran Vía 29 (2 minutes walk) and Gran Vía 14 (3 minutes walk).

6. Is it advisable to go to Granada Cathedral with children?

Exterior Details| ©Ana Villar
Exterior Details| ©Ana Villar

Yes! Children might find a visit to the cathedral and other important monuments in the surrounding area very interesting, especially if you book a guided tour where an expert in Granada's architecture and history will explain to all members of the family the most interesting aspects of the monument in a didactic and interesting way.

As for entrance fees, bear in mind that children under the age of 12 do not have to pay to enter the cathedral.

However, if you go to the monument on your own and visit Granada with children, my recommendation is that you buy your tickets in advance, so that you avoid the queue, which is usually an uncomfortable situation for the little ones.

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7. What you can't miss in the Granada Cathedral

Façade of the Cathedral| ©José vargas.
Façade of the Cathedral| ©José vargas.

The Cathedral of Granada is a religious temple of impressive architecture full of decorative details, art and history.

With hundreds of interesting details I present the most interesting elements that any visit to the Cathedral should include, grouped into the following categories.

The Façades

The façades of Granada Cathedral are divided into two groups: the main façade and the side façades. The main façade, designed by Alonso Cano, is described as a monumental Baroque structure made up of three spectacular façades that stand out for their symbolism, decoration and iconographic programme, with reliefs of virgins and other religious figures.

The side doors, known as the minor doors of Siloé after the architect who designed them, are spectacular and well worth a closer look.

Interior architecture

The interior of the church was built in the predominant style of the time, so when you walk through Granada Cathedral you will find a predominantly Renaissance religious temple.

The interiors are characterised by high walls decorated with beautiful large stained glass windows. The use of white on the walls with golden fleurons.

Collection of sculptures

Inside the Cathedral of Granada you will find a fabulous collection of wood carved sculptures belonging to Granada's most brilliant baroque sculptors. Including the work of the architect and sculptor Alonso Cano.

8. How much time do you need to visit the Cathedral of Granada?

Altar of the Cathedral| ©M.Peinado
Altar of the Cathedral| ©M.Peinado

To visit the Cathedral of Granada alone and admire each of the areas in detail, you need to spend at least a full hour on the visit.

However, it is usual and recommended to visit the Cathedral together with the Royal Chapel; both monuments will take approximately two hours to visit.

Bear in mind that free visits are almost always a little more leisurely and you run the risk of missing out on points of interest. This is another reason why I recommend hiring a guided tour.

If you book the experience with an expert guide, the tour of the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel and the Madrasa Palace(the Madrasa is an ancient Moorish school) will take you just over two hours.

9. Granada Cathedral opening hours

Granada Cathedral by night| ©Gotardo González
Granada Cathedral by night| ©Gotardo González

The official opening hours of the Cathedral of Granada are Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:15 pm. On Sundays the doors are open a little later, from 15h in the afternoon until 18:15h. Visits are available on a continuous schedule, with no closing time for lunch.

As one of the most visited monuments in the city, the Cathedral of Granada is open to visitors all year round, with the exception of very specific special dates. The opening hours are rarely modified in the annual calendar.

For example, you can expect special opening hours if you visit the city during the Easter holidays, as this religious temple always closes its doors to the public on Good Friday.

Likewise, if you visit Granada at Christmas time, it is possible that the opening hours may be modified due to special liturgies.

10. Tips for visiting the Cathedral of Granada

Stained glass windows of the Cathedral| ©M.Peinado
Stained glass windows of the Cathedral| ©M.Peinado

To make your experience of visiting the Cathedral more enjoyable, bear in mind the following tips.

Consider the season of your visit.

Spring is the best time for sightseeing in Granada, with pleasant weather. However, many tourists tour the city at this time of year, so you should be prepared and have a well-organised travel schedule.

If you visit Granada in summer, you should be aware that during this time of the year the heat throughout Andalusia is stifling, so I would not recommend city sightseeing during these months.

Visit Granada Cathedral for free

All monuments belonging to Granada's Christian heritage have their free entrance days.

You can visit the Cathedral of Granada for free on Tuesdays from 15:15h to 17:00h.

To visit the religious monument it is necessary to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance on the website of the Diocese of Granada.