Kayak Activities in Benidorm

Get ready to enjoy Benidorm and its surroundings in a different way: from the water. Fancy an adventure? On board a kayak you'll discover places where nature has remained practically untouched.

Sonsoles Jimenez

Sonsoles Jimenez

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Kayak Activities in Benidorm

Vista aerea de barco en el mar |©sergio souza

Benidorm is not all beach and party in Benidorm. Its surroundings hide quiet coves with crystal clear waters, caves, magnificent cliffs and a seabed that will delight any snorkelling or scuba diving enthusiast.

But many of these places can only be accessed from the sea. That's why a kayak excursion is one of the best activities you can do in Benidorm. It's also an experience that you'll have a great time if you're travelling with friends or family.

Are you up for the adventure? Don't think twice, there are places you can't imagine in Benidorm. So that you don't have any doubts, I'll explain which are the best kayak excursions. And I'll also give you some other information that might interest you.

Join me!

1. Kayaking, snorkelling and caving in San Antonio Cape

Two-Person Bird's Eye View Kayaking|©Jonathan Lassen
Two-Person Bird's Eye View Kayaking|©Jonathan Lassen

The coast of Alicante hides fascinating ecosystems. Located a few kilometres north of Benidorm, Cape San Antonio is a nature reserve protected for its high ecological value. Here you can sail at the foot of cliffs that are over 150 metres high. And if you dive into its waters, you will see posidonia meadows, corals and countless fish and crustaceans.

All this makes it one of the most exciting things to do in Benidorm, but what are you going to see and do on this adventure? Take note:

  • You'll go around the most beautiful part of the San Antonio cape. Meanwhile, a professional guide will explain all the secrets of this geographical feature and the nature reserve.
  • You will visit Cova Tallada, a cave at sea level that was a quarry between the 12th and 14th centuries. Don't miss its rocky arches and how they worked to extract the stone. There is also a natural swimming pool inside, one of the most surprising places on the coast of Alicante!
  • You'll have time to put on your snorkelling gear and discover the interesting marine flora and fauna of this nature reserve.

2. Kayak and snorkel excursion from cliffs in Cala Tangó

Kayaking in the sea|©Rohan Smith
Kayaking in the sea|©Rohan Smith

If you are looking for a bit of excitement and adventure, I recommend this experience. Cala Tangó, in Jávea, is one of the most surprising and unique places on the Costa Blanca. It's not easy to reach on foot, so kayaking is the best way to enjoy it.

But that's not what makes it so special. Why should you discover it? Here are just a few good reasons:

  • You'll be able to jump off cliffs. You will release tons of adrenaline and, most importantly, safely. In this cove there are small platforms at different heights to jump without taking risks.
  • When you get tired of jumping, you can take a relaxing dip or go snorkelling in its waters. They are absolutely crystal clear. What's more, the cove is usually not very crowded, so it's one of the best activities you can plan in Benidorm in August.
  • Although it may be an extreme adventure, you will also enjoy the beauty of the San Antonio cape and its rocky walls. You'll feel like a real explorer!

If you're up for this excursion, and whether or not you're an art lover, I recommend you take a look at a painting first: "Children bathing among rocks, Jávea", by Joaquín Sorolla. Why? Because Cala Tangó is the setting that inspired the painter. It won't be difficult for you to identify the rocks on which the main characters in the work are leaning.

3. Kayaking and snorkelling excursion in Cala Granadella

Kayaking on the shore|©.carleS
Kayaking on the shore|©.carleS

Cala Granadella is a spectacular place to start a kayak excursion. The reason? Turquoise and crystal clear waters that invite you to get into them. What's more, if you follow the coastline, you'll reach some of the most beautiful spots near Benidorm.

If you want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing experience, this is a choice you're sure to make! What's more, it's one of the best things to do in Benidorm in October, when you don't feel like going for a swim. Pay attention to all that awaits you:

  • You'll discover En Caló, a beautiful cove between cliffs with a huge rock in the centre. It is only accessible by sea, and when you see it, it will surely remind you of those hidden beaches typical of exotic countries. But don't forget, you're only a stone's throw away from Benidorm!
  • You will also visit the Cova del Llop Marí, a sea cave that will surprise you with its dimensions. It is also an ideal place to dive into its waters and snorkel.
  • Following the coastline of Jávea, you will reach Cala Ámbolo. There you will see the watchtower that was built in the 16th century to defend against pirate attacks. So, as well as discovering some fascinating landscapes, you will be able to learn a little more about the history of this area.

4. Kayak excursion to discover sea caves

Kayaking in a cave|©albertggr
Kayaking in a cave|©albertggr

Following the coast of Benidorm towards the north, the coastline becomes steep. In these cliffs overlooking the sea, there are countless caves hidden. More than landscapes, they are live geology lessons. On board a kayak you will be able to see the enormous power of nature at close quarters.

If you have the soul of an adventurer, dare to discover some of these caves, not only for their beauty, but also for the varied fauna they shelter. But if I recommend this adventure, it's not just for that.

What else awaits you?

  • You can take a dip in the Blue Lagoon. It is a small natural pool whose waters, of an intense turquoise colour, are perfect for taking those photos that will make your social networks envious.
  • Fancy some caving? Perfect! There is a very special stop on your route: the Cova del Llop Marí, one of the most spectacular caves on the coast of Alicante.

5. Kayaking and snorkelling in Portixol Cove

people snorkelling|©Dolphin Discovery
people snorkelling|©Dolphin Discovery

The cove of Portixol, in the neighbouring town of Jávea, is one of the most photogenic places on the Levantine coast. Its crystal-clear waters and the fishermen's cottages on its shore create a scene that will surely remind you of the Greek islands.

But this spot is much more than just a photo. The cove is perfect for a pleasant kayak trip, for a dive and to enjoy yourself surrounded by cliffs. I'll explain in more detail everything that awaits you:

  • You can snorkel in Cala El Pom. It is only accessible by sea. It is home to interesting marine structures, a sea bed worthy of admiration and even a waterfall!
  • You will arrive at the foot of Cap Negre, a 100-metre-high cliff. By the way, if you have time after the excursion, climb up to its viewpoint, the views of the coast are spectacular.
  • You will conquer the island of Portixol. Don't miss the beauty of its caves but, above all, its natural pool. With its crystal-clear waters, it is perfect for a dip. Do you dare to jump off the rocks? You can do it here.

6. Excursion around the bay of Benidorm

People on the beach|©amamolina
People on the beach|©amamolina

Did you know that there are 26 buildings over 100 metres high in the city, or that three of them are over 150 metres high? But you can only admire Benidorm's unique skyline if you go a few hundred metres away from the coast.

If you kayak around the bay you'll see much more, for example, its island or the famous Levante beach. And, if you have any strength left, I recommend you follow the coast northwards to reach the Serra Gelada Nature Reserve. What will you see there? Cliffs over 300 metres high, caves and the small island of Mitjana, which hides rocky seabeds full of life.

7. Excursion to the island of Benidorm

Benidorm Island|©Carlos Sánchez
Benidorm Island|©Carlos Sánchez

This island rises just over 73 metres above sea level. It is probably one of Benidorm's most iconic sights. But what you may not know is that it has incredible ecological value. Countless birds nest here and the richness of its seabed makes it a good place for diving.

But how to get there? A good way is by kayak. You may think that this island is very far away, but that's not really the case. It is just over three kilometres from the coast, which is about three quarters of an hour's paddle.

And a curiosity: there are many legends that speak of its origin. Some say that it was the horse of King James I the Conqueror that broke a mountain with a blow. Others attribute the merit to the mount of the apostle St. James. And some others to the sword of Charlemagne or mythological beings. You can try to discover the mystery when you get there.

8. Rent a kayak and take a trip on your own

Person in the sea by kayak|©Sasha Prasastika
Person in the sea by kayak|©Sasha Prasastika

This is another interesting possibility, as it allows you to sail freely. You decide where you want to take your kayak and where you want to take a break. There are no time limits either. Fancy watching the sunset? One option is to take a boat trip to watch the sunset, but you can also do it from a kayak.

That freedom is the great advantage of renting the boat on your own. However, I only recommend the adventure if you have a certain amount of experience, are in good physical shape and have previously informed yourself about the places you want to access by kayak. And, if possible, don't travel alone.

Despite the advantages of this option, don't forget that on a guided excursion you will always have the support of a professional. Not only will they take you to the most spectacular spots on the coast, but they will also provide you with lots of information and assistance if you need it.

What do you need to make the most of a kayak tour?

Group kayaking|©Hui Huang
Group kayaking|©Hui Huang

The most important thing is that you are keen to have fun and do some sport. The excursions last around two and a half hours, but don't worry, the routes are not too demanding. You'll be able to do them without too much difficulty, even if you don't do sport on a regular basis.

Of course, you must know how to swim. Of course, you don't need to be an Olympic athlete, you just need to be able to defend yourself well in the water. In any case, if you opt for a guided excursion, you will be accompanied by an expert guide. In addition, it is compulsory to wear a lifejacket, which you will be given before you start the activity, because safety is fundamental.

What else will you need? Very little, really:

  • Swimwear, waterproof clothing and footwear and a towel, especially if you are going to take advantage of the excursion to snorkel or take a dip.
  • Ahat, sunglasses and a good sunscreen to prevent the sun and the breeze from affecting your skin.
  • You can bring water to keep hydrated or a snack, although these are usually included in the tour.

Other important aspects

men running on the beach|©Kindel Media
men running on the beach|©Kindel Media

There are a few other things to consider before booking your kayaking trip because not all experiences are the same:

  • The duration may be slightly different, but not less than two and a half hours. Don't forget to make the most of your stay and enjoy the best plans to enjoy Benidorm.
  • Normally you can choose between two timetables, morning and afternoon.
  • The minimum age requirement may vary depending on the type of experience. Usually you need to be over 10 years old, although for the most demanding excursions the limit can be raised to 16 years old.
  • Prices also depend on the experience you choose. As a general rule, they range from 40 euros to 70 euros.

How to book

Underwater person|©Pixabay
Underwater person|©Pixabay

It's very simple. The first thing to do is to choose the kayak excursion you would most like to do. Remember that there are different itineraries and that some activities include the possibility of snorkelling or caving. But not all of them.

Secondly, you must mark the day and time chosen and how many people are going to go on the excursion. If there is availability, all you have to do is enter your personal details and book. It is important that you don't forget to print out the booking on paper or, at least, to have the confirmation email on your mobile phone. You will need to present it at the start of the activity.

You should also bear in mind that these experiences, like others such as banana boating in Benidorm, require a minimum number of participants. If this minimum number is not reached for the day and time you have chosen, the activity will be suspended. But be careful! It doesn't mean that you have to give it up, there may always be places available at another time.

And what happens if the activity is cancelled due to bad weather? Don't worry, you will get your money back or you can change the date without any problem. And you will also get a refund if you can't participate in the trip and you give at least 24 hours notice.

If you don't feel like paddling, there are alternatives!

Boat in the sea|©Pablo Arias López
Boat in the sea|©Pablo Arias López

Any kayaking adventure will allow you to look at Benidorm with new eyes. But it's possible that you can't or don't feel like paddling for a few hours. Don't miss the chance to see the silhouette of the city from the sea or to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding coastline.

An alternative is to take one of the boat trips from Benidorm. You will see the bay, the Levante beach or the island. If you are looking for plans to enjoy Benidorm with children, choose a boat with an underwater view. The little ones will love to see the bottom of the sea and an endless number of animals swimming almost next to them.

There is more because from land it is also possible to admire the landscapes of the Costa Blanca, its cliffs and some of its caves. The best thing is that these trips to the coast and caves from Benidorm also take you to discover really beautiful neighbouring towns.

And, if you're still hungry for more, remember that you're in a city that's synonymous with fun. There are endless plans to enjoy Benidorm in three days, two or even just one.

Is it a mini-holiday or a long break? Then here's one last tip: set aside a day to do one of theday trips from Benidorm. Just a stone's throw from the city there are wonderful places like Calpe, Altea or the Algar springs. Discover them!