Historical Amsterdam Bike Tour

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Experience Highlights

Experience the everyday life of Amsterdam by taking this historic bike tour, which will take you to some of the must-see sights of the Dutch capital.

You'll see how everyday life in the city is lived by the locals, and you 'll cycle past sites such as the West Church, the Jordaan, the Royal Palace and the popular Red Light District, while taking in the timeless beauty of its canals.

  • Discover Amsterdam's everyday life as you cycle through its streets.
  • See must-see sites such as the Jordaan district and Vondelpark
  • Take pictures on the banks of the popular Dutch canals that surround the city.

What’s included

  • Historical bicycle tour of Amsterdam
  • Professional guide
  • Bicycle use

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Step by Step

Cycle through Amsterdam's beautiful streets, along the canals and past the capital's historic sites on this guided tour lasting approximately three hours.

A professional, historical guide will tell you the story of must-see destinations, including:

  • Westerkerk Church: Westerkerk is an 85 m high Protestant church founded in 1620, where important royal weddings have taken place.
  • Jordaan quarter: to the west of the historic city centre lies this prestigious quarter, the cultural and gastronomic epicentre of the area, on the banks of the classic Dutch canals.
  • Royal Palace: the imposing castle served as the town hall until it became the royal palace of Louis I of Holland, Napoleon Bonaparte's brother, during the Dutch Golden Age.
  • Muziekgebouw concert hall: considered one of the best concert halls in the world, it hosts musical performances with amazing acoustics for the audience.

The two-wheeled tour will take you through Amsterdam's busiest alleyways, bridges and parks, where the locals are busy with their cultural and social life on a daily basis. You can park your bike and walk through Vondelpark, the city's most popular park.

This 47-hectare park, the largest in the area, is ideal for relaxing, sunbathing and lying on the grass to enjoy an aperitif, breathing in the Dutch energy surrounded by nature and monuments such as the Pablo Picasso sculpture.


· 9612 Reviews
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    A must-do experience if you are in Amsterdam. It's entertaining, you learn a lot and you relax.
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    Excellent guide. He was very fluent in several languages.
  • L
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    It was a lot of fun and very tidy. We were a small group from different countries, so we were able to make new friends and had an amazing time.
  • R
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    Everything was very well organised, I can't complain! I went with my boyfriend and we had a great time. It's a different and fun way to get to know the city.
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