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Want majesty? Want beauty? Not a big fan of waiting? Don’t like being told what to do? Then this skip-the-line, self-guided tour of some of the most revered spaces in the world is exactly right for you. 

  • Guaranteed no wait for the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and the Rooms of St. Raphael
  • A digital audio guide is available if you’re interested in going deeper (optional)
  • Includes a complimentary 24-hour hop-on hop-off bus pass to explore every corner of Rome

Take all the time you need as you experience two of the world’s most sacred places; but be aware this is one of the most popular experiences in the world - it can get crowded! But still so worth it.

What’s included

  • Priority access to the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and the Rooms of St. Raphael
  • The digital Audio Guide (optional)
  • It’s not a private audience with the Pope, so expect a lot of other people.

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Step by Step

Awe. Wonder. Amazement, and Easy.  

Strikes us that when you enter hallowed, remarkable places you should feel perfectly calm and present. Which means not being tired of standing in line or frustrated by how long it took to get there. .And that’s exactly why these skip-the-line tickets are a must. 

Saving time in line also means having more time to explore some of the Vatican’s greatest treasures, beginning with the Vatican Museums’ multiple galleries, a world class collection of artwork created by the top Renaissance masters including Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Raphael. You will stand before masterpiece paintings, evocative sculptures and bejeweled artifacts. The experience is guaranteed to move you, as you revel both in their present beauty and the stories being told from centuries past. 

As you move through the Museums, make sure not to miss the St.Raphael Rooms, the Chiaramonti Gallery, the Gallery of Maps, Apollo Belvedere, the Laocoon and the Pineapple Courtyard. All wonders of this unique Vatican world. 

Conclude your multi-century journey at one of the most iconic places in history: the  Sistine Chapel. Take in the jaw dropping beauty of its ceiling, “The Creation of Adam", one of the most important paintings of the Renaissance. Contemplate the many other biblical artworks including "The Separation of Light from Darkness", "Creation of Stars and Plants" and "The Creation of Eve.”  And as you marvel, consider that this 15th century chapel and chamber still serves as the place where every pope is elected. 

Want to go deeper, live larger? Make sure to choose the audio guided entrance option. Sure it costs a little more but it is worth every euro. Have little ones? Check out the audio guides just for them. They turn this important history into stories your children will love and remember forever.

If you’re looking to dive deeper and visit other must-see spots in Rome, we’ve got the perfect solution. These tickets include a pass for the Rome tourist bus. Yes, you heard that right—24 hours to hop on and off these open-top buses as much as you like, covering the city from end to end, stopping at all the must-see attractions in the Eternal City.


· 11976 Reviews
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    Definitely worth it Super easy and quick
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    Skip-the-Line Tickets so worth the price
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    So easy to get in. No lines at all.
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