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Experience Highlights

Thanks to the entrance to the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum you will be able to see more than 65 machines that he invented, but you will also enjoy a fully interactive experience as you will be able to touch and try many of them thanks to the life-size replicas. Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius who excelled in all aspects of culture. These include art, sculpture, science, architecture, music, but above all he was also an inventor. You can also visit an archaeological site buried beneath the museum dating back to 43 BC.

  • Enjoy all the inventions of the great Leonardo Da Vinci with admission to his museum.
  • You will have the option to touch and try out life-size replicas and 9 holograms of his inventions.
  • Underneath the museum you will be able to visit an underground pond dating back to 43 BC.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum
  • Access to underground pond

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Step by Step

The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum contains sketches and drawings of various inventions by this great genius. However, the museum does not stop there. In addition to the original drawings, you can touch and try out many of the 65 machines invented by Leonardo Da Vinci. Some of them are:

  • Pulley machines
  • Prototypes of what would later become aeroplanes
  • The first carriages
  • Machines to facilitate harvesting

The interaction with the works on display does not end here, as this museum also includes 9 holograms. These holograms represent a 3D vision, thanks to videomapping. This will allow you to see inside many of the inventions so that you don't miss any detail of how they work.

Specifically, this museum is located between the famous squares of Piazza Navona and Campo de' Fiori. Just below this museum is an archaeological site consisting of an underground pond dating back to 43 BC. Access to this pond is included with the entrance ticket to the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum.


· 6416 Reviews
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    There is a small restaurant inside and it overlooks the outskirts.
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    I loved the whole place and I plan to come back.
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    There is a door with very nice stairs where you can take great pictures.
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    Inside the castle there are some very interesting corridors that remind you of when the Gladeadors were on their way to their battles.
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