Capri Day Trips from Rome

Make the most of your stay in the transalpine capital to explore the most beautiful and famous island in the Gulf of Naples.

Matteo Gramegna

Matteo Gramegna

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Capri Day Trips from Rome

Edificios de hormigón blanco | ©Salomè Jangulashvili

The cliffs, the coves, the Piazzetta with its bars... Capri is synonymous with jet-setting, worldly life and a breathtaking blue sea. However, there is a way to enjoy its worldly life without spending too much: an organised excursion from Rome.

From the Eternal City you have two options: a whirlwind tour or a tour of the Amalfi Coast. Before or after this trip, you can spend some time on the many things to see and do in Rome.

Day trip to Capri

aerial view of Capri| ©arnaud desseaux
aerial view of Capri| ©arnaud desseaux

Normally you will be able to choose between ** two types of route**: a more structured guided tour and a day trip that includes only transport between the capital and the Blue Island. In both cases, a bus will pick you up early in the morning (around 7:00) and take you to Naples. Once there, you will take a ferry to Capri.

In the first case, the price usually includes the entrance to the most famous attraction: the Blue Grotto. It is a simply marvellous place, so much so that Emperor Tiberius used to spend his leisure time here.

The best time to visit is between 12:00 and 14:00, when the sun's rays penetrate the atmosphere and illuminate the cave.

  • Price: about 130 €.
  • Duration: approximately 15 hours

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Two day tour of Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri

family posing in front of the sea| ©heydrienne
family posing in front of the sea| ©heydrienne

Rome is the ideal starting point for exploring the peninsula. If you have enough time and have already seen much of the capital, such as its best churches and the Sistine Chapel, you can take advantage of your stay to escape to the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

An ideal way to get to know Capri is with an excursion that also takes you to Pompeii and Sorrento, two places that, if not on this trip, you should make a note to visit another time. Two days will give you enough time to discover Naples, a 1.5 hour bus ride away. Then you will be amazed by the archaeological city of Pompeii and from there you will go to the beautiful Sorrento, where you will spend the night.

Capri awaits you the next day. There you will visit the incredible Blue Grotto. Please note that this part of the tour does not run from November to March, but you will enjoy other activities in Sorrento instead. So, if you want to visit Capri and you go during these dates, don't sign up for this excursion.

On this tour, which takes you to visit these three gems of the Mediterranean, you'll get one night's accommodation in Sorrento, plus breakfast, two lunches and one dinner, all transfers (including ferry tickets to Capri) and entrance to Pompeii.

  • Price: about €570
  • Duration: 2 days and one night

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What will I see on these tours?

rocks in the sea| ©Andrew_dub_12
rocks in the sea| ©Andrew_dub_12

Capri is an internationally renowned tourist destination. Since the fifties of the last century, Italians and foreigners have spent their holidays in this corner of the Gulf of Naples.

Here life goes by slowly, between a dip in the Mediterranean and long dinners with the best products of southern Italy.

Before you arrive, I'll give you an overview of the main attractions of Capri:

  • Faraglioni, the most emblematic rocks of the Blue Island. They are respectively nicknamed Saetta, Stella and Scopolo, although there is a fourth one that often goes unnoticed: the Monacone rock. In the past, monk seals used to live here.
  • Piazzetta, the heart of Capri and the epicentre of worldly life. Officially it's called Piazza Umberto I, but nobody calls it that. You will recognise it by the iconic Clock Tower.
  • Church of Santo Stefano, the former cathedral. It was built in baroque style by the architect Martial Aniello Desiderio. It is just a few minutes walk from the Piazzetta, you just have to climb a few stairs.
  • Grotta Azzurra, Capri's most famous attraction. It is a cave 25 metres wide and 60 metres long with a very small entrance. To enter you have to lie on the bottom of the boat. The entrance costs about 15 €.
  • Villa San Michele, the house of the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe, who moved to the island in 1885. It stands on the remains of a Roman villa and has a splendid portico overlooking the Mediterranean.
  • Certosa di San Giacomo, the oldest building on the island. It was founded in the second half of the 14th century by Jacopo Arcucci, treasurer of Queen Joan I of Anjou. Today it houses the Classical Lyceum of Capri and the Diefenbach Museum dedicated to the German painter of the same name.
  • Via Krupp, a panoramic path overlooking the Faraglioni. To break up the walk, I recommend a stop at the Gardens of Augustus (the ticket costs about €1).
  • Anacapri, a small town at the top of the island. It is the most authentic part of the island and is worth a visit for a walk in the Parco Filosofico and a visit to the churches of Santa Sofia and San Michele.

Is Capri worth a day trip?

people walking in the street| ©Pablo Monteagudo
people walking in the street| ©Pablo Monteagudo

Yes, although it needs to be organised down to the smallest detail. You have to travel to Naples and catch a ferry to the island. You can take a high-speed train to the city of Vesuvius - the journey takes just over an hour - but the fare won't be cheap.

For these reasons, I recommend a guided tour, as it includes transport to and from the island, a visit to the Blue Grotto and an expert guide. These tours usually leave very early - no later than 7:00 - and return to the Eternal City around 22:00. The total price is lower than what you would pay when organising the trip on your own.

In case you prefer a shorter route, you can choose an excursion to Frascati from Rome. Located about 10 kilometres from the capital, Frascati is a typical day trip destination. It is known for its stately villas and typical restaurants.

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What are the best restaurants in Capri?

people in restaurants| ©Justin Patrick
people in restaurants| ©Justin Patrick

Most excursions include free time to explore the island on your own: it's the ideal opportunity to sample the local cuisine. Here are some of the best restaurants on Capri:

  • Lo Zodiaco, fresh fish and seafood facing the Gulf of Naples. It is located in the Marina Grande, a short distance from the tourist harbour (Piazzetta Ferraro 2/3).
  • Da Paolino, if you feel like eating under a pergola of lemon trees. One of their most famous antipasti is the bomba, a fried pastry with a mozzarella and ham filling (Via Palazzo a Mare 11).
  • La Capannina, the restaurant of the jet set. Its menu offers the classics of island cuisine: scialatielli ai frutti di mare, linguine al sugo di scorfano, ravioli alla caprese and much more (Via Le Botteghe 12/14).
  • Capri Pasta, a tasty and inexpensive take away. Its menu includes aubergine parmigiana, octopus salad, meatballs in white wine, sandwiches and much more (Via Parroco Canale 12).
  • Fontelina, the beach club overlooking the Faraglioni. In addition to fish dishes, it is famous for its delicious sangria. It is about 30 minutes walk from the central Piazzetta, but can be reached quickly by boat.

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Where can I have a cocktail?

entrance to restaurant| ©Mike Frieri
entrance to restaurant| ©Mike Frieri

If you choose the second excursion, you will have time to experience Capri's nightlife. The list below lists the best cocktail bars on the island:

  • La Capannina, a famous restaurant that has complemented its entertainment offer with a wine bar. Among its specialities, it is worth mentioning the basil Moscow Mule (Vico San Tommaso).
  • Gran Caffè Vuotto, a Capri classic. Sit at their tables and order a Limoncello Spritz, a mixture made with limoncello, prosecco, soda, half a slice of lemon and mint leaves (Piazza Umberto I).
  • Tiberio Palace, best known for the Sgroppino: lemon sorbet, prosecco and vodka mixed in a blender. The elixir obtained is served in a frozen flûte (Piazza Umberto I).
  • Capri Rooftop Lounge Bar, drinks overlooking the Faraglioni. Its most original creation is the Spritz n. 5, made with prosecco, bergamot liqueur, pink grapefruit and peach bitter (Viale Matteotti 7).

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Are there nightclubs in Capri?

people in nightclubs| © Koen meyssen
people in nightclubs| © Koen meyssen

Of course there are! It may not be Ibiza, but Capri also has a lively nightlife. The most emblematic establishment is the Taverna Anema e Core, the temple of live music. Celebrities such as Giorgio Armani, Michael Jordan, Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lopez, among others, have passed through here.

It is located at Via Sella Orta 1, a two-minute walk from the famous Piazzetta. However, it is not the only destination worth visiting. In the list below I list other interesting options on the island:

  • VV Club, for dancing until dawn. The most famous DJs come here (Via Vittorio Emanuele 45).
  • Number One (Via Vittorio Emanuele 55)
  • Malibu, to enjoy music at sunset. It is located in the town of Anacapri (Faro di Punta Carena).

What can I do in Capri if it rains?

casa rossa| ©Bex Walton
casa rossa| ©Bex Walton

In case of rain, you can take advantage of the bad weather to have a good meal and enjoy the after-dinner conversation.

Alternatively, you can visit the island's houses/museums - Villa San Michele and Casa Rossa - and the **Capricorno Gallery.