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The Capitoline Museums are considered the first museums in the world, accessible to the public since 1734. Thanks to these tickets you will be able to access its great collection without waiting in the long queue that forms every day.

Inside the museum you will find countless sculptures of Roman gods and emperors. One of the most outstanding works is undoubtedly the Capitoline She-wolf, with the founders of the city, Romulus and Remus.

  • Get a ticket for the world's first museum containing more than 20 centuries of history.
  • Enjoy the skip-the-line service to the Capitoline Museums
  • Immerse yourself in history thanks to a multimedia video that will serve as an introduction to the museum.
  • Tickets include an audio guide of the city for you to enjoy Rome after the museum

What’s included

  • Admission to the Capitoline Museums
  • Access to temporary exhibitions
  • Guaranteed queue-free service
  • Audio guide to the city

Step by Step

This ticket gives you access to the Capitoline Museums, the first museum in the world. Due to its great importance, there are long queues every day, but with this ticket you will be able to enter the museum directly.

An assistant will be in charge of giving you the tickets on the day you have chosen for your visit in an office near the museum. There, you can watch a 25-minute multimedia video about Ancient Rome to soak up the history from the very beginning of the experience.

Once inside the museum, you will be able to admire the great collection housed in its galleries since its inauguration in 1734. Thanks to donations from various popes, the Capitoline Museums boast a wide variety of artefacts and sculptures.

One of the most emblematic works in the museum is the Capitoline She-wolf or Luperca, which represents the emblematic symbol of the city. But it is not the only one. You will find stone sculptures of numerous Roman gods such as Eros, Venus and Apollo or bronze sculptures of emperors such as Constantine and Marcus Aurelius.

Located on one of the Seven Hills of Rome, from its windows you can enjoy magnificent views of the Roman Forum. In addition, tickets include an audio guide of Rome with a multitude of points of interest such as the Roman Forum marked on a digital map. You can take advantage of the information provided to explore the city on your own after your visit to the Capitoline Museums.


· 956 Reviews
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    I am a collector of old things and coming to museums is always one of my favourite activities and this was no exception.
  • E
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    A great activity to enjoy with your friends when you are in another country.
  • A
    Ana Maria
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    I saw the display of antique vases and they were beautiful. They were intact despite the years.
  • F
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    I really liked the lighting because you can appreciate the works of art much better.
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