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Discover one of Rome's most beautiful and important cathedrals with this entrance ticket to the Basilica of St. John Lateran. Enter this papal cathedral and with an audio guide you will learn about the history of the Lateran while visiting the Treasury Museum and the ancient Cloister. During your visit of about two hours you will discover Rome's Catholic Baptistery, the Holy Staircase and the interior of the Chapel of the Holy of Holies, which houses ancient relics.

See this great monumental complex and observe its extraordinary ceilings and floors decorated with mosaics, imposing columns and monumental statues.

  • See the oldest church in the world with this entrance to the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran in Rome .
  • Immerse yourself in religious history and see immense mosaics of biblical scenes, marble statues and Renaissance works.
  • Tour the interior of this iconic basilica with an audio guide and visit the ancient Lateran Cloister.
  • Explore the Treasury Museum, the Baptistery, the Holy Staircase and the Sancta Sanctorum Chapel at your own pace.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Archbasilica of St John Lateran in Rome.
  • Audio guide.
  • Access to the Treasury Museum, the Lateran Cloister and the Baptistery of the Basilica.
  • Access to the Holy Staircase and the Sancta Sanctorum Chapel.

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Step by Step

Make the most of your holiday in the Italian capital and discover what was the first church to be built in Rome with this entrance to the Archbasilica of St John Lateran . Visit this sacred Catholic site and discover authentic relics from the Renaissance to Ancient Rome and Pharaonic Egypt. Explore this great monumental complex at your own pace and visit all the points of interest in about two hours with an informative audio guide .

Before visiting the interior, you can admire the imposing statues of Christ and various saints sculpted on the ceiling of the imposing neoclassical façade. Enter this papal basilica and marvel at its rich religious history and impeccable Renaissance architecture with marble columns, tapestries, paintings and frescoes. See monumental statues of the 12 apostles and see ceilings and floors decorated with immense mosaics, as well as Renaissance works.

During the visit you will discover the Treasury Museum and the buildings of the ancient Cloister and the Baptistery, two authentic papal relics. Explore the interior of the Lateran Cloister, and marvel at the beauty of this historic building adorned with tombs and materials from Roman and early Christian excavations.

Located next to the main residence, enter the Catholic Lateran Baptistery, and contemplate precious mosaics by artists such as Borromini, Rainaldi and Sacchi who have left their mark on this basilica through their frescoes.

Continue this historical tour by visiting the Holy Staircase building. According to popular belief, these marble steps were the stairs Jesus climbed for his trial with Pontius Pilate. Climb the 28 steps to reach a thick glass wall at the top. At the top of the stairs you will see inside the Holy of Holies, the private chapel of the Popes and one of the holiest places in the world.


· 2493 Reviews
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    Beautiful place, totally worth paying for the audio guide as there is a lot to learn.
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    I had been to Rome before and had never been here, let alone known all the history behind it. It's very interesting.
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    This ticket takes into account several accesses and saves you a lot of time and worry! My only recommendation is to check the timetables beforehand.
  • L
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    Beautiful basilica and the audio guide was spectacular. I went with my girlfriend and her mother and we had a great time.
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