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Experience Highlights

Join this spa experience, designed for you to take care of your body and relax. The activity will last about 2 hours, during which you and your partner will follow a route through the spa areas. This will allow you to enjoy the different facilities on offer, such as hydromassage baths, foot baths with salts, clay baths, etc.

You will be assisted by professional staff, who will guide you from one area to the next, so that you can enjoy all the surroundings discreetly and intimately. The activity should not be understood as a traditional private spa, as the experience is designed so that neither couple has to share treatment with another . The spa also has a larger and better equipped number of treatments and facilities.

  • Go to a spa and spend 2 hours relaxing and taking care of your body.
  • Enjoy the facilities and activities on site, such as whirlpool baths, relaxation area or Mediterranean bath, among others.
  • Discover a new spa experience, designed for couples with the utmost discretion, privacy and comfort.

What’s included

  • Spa experience in Amalfi
  • 30-minute couple's massage
  • Changing rooms equipped with showers
  • Shower towels

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Step by Step

In this activity you will have the opportunity, for about 2 hours, to enjoy the relaxing activities of a spa. You will be taken on a tour of the spa facilities, which will allow you to try the different experiences on offer. It is a format that differs from the traditional spa, and is based on the Roman bathing spa path, in which the activities and baths follow a route.

The transition from one environment to the next will be guided by professional staff, who will ensure that you enjoy a private and intimate experience, as each couple will be in an environment not shared with another couple. Some of the treatments you can enjoy are as follows:

  • Large hydromassage bathtub: Ideal for reducing stress and fatigue, these bathtubs project pressurised water that gives pleasant massages on the shoulders and back.
  • Footbath with regenerating salts: A pleasant foot bath, ideal for treating the skin and taking care of this area of the body.
  • Emotional showers with water games: Showers prepared to make all the senses interact, with ambient music, aromas, and contrasts of hot and cold, among other experiences.
  • Mediterranean bath: Steam baths, known as dry baths, which have multiple benefits for skin hydration and blood circulation.
  • Argillarium Experience: Experience inspired by an ancient ritual of bathing with clay. These are mixed and prepared in the SPA's herbalist, and are used to provide the user with a relaxing environment, very effective for moisturising and cleansing the skin.
  • 30-minute massage: Massage provided by professional physiotherapists, thanks to which you can enjoy a relaxing experience, very effective in reducing stress and tension in the body.

An activity designed for you to enjoy, relax and take care of your body, while sharing an intimate and discreet experience with your partner. Ideal for couples and lovers of health and wellness treatments.


· 469 Reviews
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    I've never had clay on my body or massages on the beach and it's been de-li! Highly recommended for couples or friends.
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    Very good treatment by absolutely all the people who attended us. The area with the jacuzzi and hydromassage was very clean. We had a great time.
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    Excellent staff, all very professional and friendly.
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    The staff and the massages they gave us were very good. It was the perfect place to relax with my sweetheart.
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