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Experience Highlights

Learn about the history of Irish food on this food tour of Dublin . For approximately 3 hours, you'll tour the restaurants and food shops where the locals go for a completely real experience.

You'll be accompanied by an expert local guide, who will provide essential information at every point along the way. You'll enjoy sampling various local dishes along the way. This tour is designed for small groups.

  • Discover and sample Irish cuisine as you stroll through the city.
  • Get a different perspective of the city with an expert local guide.
  • Enjoy the exclusivity and personalisation of a small group tour.

What’s included

  • Gastronomic tour of Dublin of approximately 3 hours
  • Small groups
  • Tasting of local dishes
  • Expert local guide

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Step by Step

A food tour of Dublin is the perfect way to round off your visit to the city and take away a complete picture of the city. Now that you know the main sights of Dublin, it's time to get away from the hustle and bustle of tourism and feel like an Irishman.

The aim of this tour is to give you a deeper insight into Irish food culture . To do this, you will need to visit the restaurants and food shops frequented by the locals.

An expert local guide will take you to each of these places and tell you about their history and curiosities. Throughout the itinerary, which lasts approximately 3 hours, you will have the opportunity to taste different local dishes: from cheeses to chocolate or bread.

This is a tour for small groups of no more than 14 people. Take the opportunity to ask the guide any questions you may have or to enjoy the tour as if it were a meal with friends.


· 48 Reviews
  • C
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    I didn't like the small variety of food, normally one would expect a large variety, but all in all it was a pleasant experience.
  • B
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    I loved getting to taste the flavours of Dublin, it really is much better than I expected.
  • Z
    (0 Reviews)
    A delightful tour. We were delighted to be able to eat food so different from what we are used to.
  • Ú
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    Dublin cheeses are an absolute delicacy, they taste really delicious compared to other cheeses I have tasted in my life.
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