Grevin Museum in Paris: all you need to know

Add a touch of originality to your visit to Paris by visiting the Grevin Wax Museum. Here's how to buy your tickets, how to get there and all the information you need.

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Jess Vázquez

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Grevin Museum in Paris: all you need to know

Grevin Museum | ©boosterwap

If you're planning your trip to France and don't know what to see and do in Paris, I recommend you visit this museum for a day full of laughter and fun surrounded by your favourite idols. From movie stars and fictional characters to politicians and historical personalities are represented in this museum with more than 300 wax figures.

Go inside the Grevin Museum not only to have your photo taken with the replica of your favourite actor, but also to discover different scenarios that echoed in history.

The best option

Paris Grevin Wax Museum Tickets

Avoid queues by buying your ticket in advance at the Musée Grevin in Paris.

Discover the main events of the 20th century as you stroll through the museum exploring the different scenes depicted and enjoy the most famous wax figures.

The Grevin Wax Museum is the perfect activity to enjoy with friends, partner or family. Buy your ticket in advance to avoid queues and unnecessary waiting times. With this activity, as well as touring the halls of the museum and admiring the different wax replicas, you can learn how all the figures were made and the secrets of how they were made.

You will also find out how the idea of creating a wax museum came to the journalist Arthur Meyer and how Gabriel Thomas and Alfred Grevin got down to work. Buying your ticket in advance is very easy and it's all online, you just have to book the day and time you want to visit the museum and you will receive an instant confirmation.

Recommended if... you have a closed itinerary for your trip and need to organise all the activities in terms of time and location. With this option you will be able to have your tickets available for the date you need and not have any setbacks during your visit to Paris. During holidays or weekends this museum receives many visitors, mainly in the central hours of the day, so it is a great advantage to have your ticket in advance.

How much do tickets to the Grevin Museum cost?

Inside the Grevin Museum| ©Важа Исаков
Inside the Grevin Museum| ©Важа Исаков

You can buy your tickets from approximately 16€ to 25€. At the time of purchase you can buy your ticket with a fixed date or, if you prefer, without a date (fully available throughout the year):

  • Without a fixed date: the price of your ticket is approximately €25 for adults (from 19 years of age) and from €18.5 for children (between 5 and 18 years of age). Children under 5 years old can enter for free. With this ticket you can go whenever you want throughout the year of validity of the ticket. It is non-refundable and does not include special events.
  • On selected date: it is cheaper and you can benefit from discounts of up to 24% when you buy 3 days in advance. Tickets for adults cost approximately €20 and from €16 for children. As with the other option, this ticket is non-refundable and special events are not included.

Buy your ticket to the Musée Grevin in Paris

Discounts and special offers

  • The Grevin Museum offers discounts for students, people over 60, large families and unemployed people. You will be asked for an ID card at the ticket office.
  • The Musée Grevin in Paris offers a family pack for the whole family to enjoy. This offer is valid for 4 or more people with a maximum of two adults (aged 19 and over). The price per person with this discount starts from €17 if you buy it online, at the ticket office the price will be from €19.
  • Birthday promotion: enjoy up to 50% discount and get your ticket from €9.25 per person with this offer. This promotion is exclusive to the website and you can find all the details in the prices section on their official website
  • Wednesday the special day: get a 50% discount on a child's ticket with the purchase of a full-price adult ticket.

Buy your ticket to the Grevin Museum in Paris

How to get tickets for the museum

Visit| ©Martin Hronský
Visit| ©Martin Hronský

You have several options for buying tickets to the Grevin wax museum:

  • Buy your tickets online: Choose from the different options available (with selected date or open date) and read about all the discounts available to see if there are any you can apply. You will receive an immediate confirmation. Another advantage of buying your tickets online is that you can benefit from different discounts and offers only available for online sales.
  • Buy your tickets at the ticket office: you can go to the museum itself and buy your tickets at the ticket office without any problem, but I recommend that you do so in advance as, especially during holidays or weekends, the museum may be full. Buying your tickets in advance will save you from having to wait for different entrance times.

Buy your ticket to the Grevin Museum in Paris

Are tickets to the Grevin Museum included in any of the city's tourist passes?

Tickets to the Wax Museum are included in the Paris Pass. Find out how it works and what is included in the Paris Pass at this link.

The Paris Pass is a card that gives you entry to over 80 activities, museums, tours and more. You can choose the option of 2, 3, 4 or 6 consecutive days to visit as many attractions as you want (you can't repeat the same one twice).

With this card you can book your ticket in advance of your trip so you can organise your itinerary and not miss out on any activities because of long queues.

Although the Paris Pass offers discounts and better value tickets, I advise you to check the ticket prices directly with the attractions, as if you are travelling with people between 2 and 17 years old they can get free entry to some of the museums.

Buy your Paris Pass

Are there special tickets for children?

Museum entrance| ©ROGERIOMACHADO
Museum entrance| ©ROGERIOMACHADO

According to the museum's policy, children under 5 years of age are admitted free of charge. Children between the ages of 5 and 18 are also considered children and are eligible for a reduced price on tickets. All children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Grevin Museum has special exhibitions for children: Ice Age, Marsupilami, Miraculous... even a Voice stage so that they can feel like the presenters of the show.

How to get to the Grevin Museum in Paris

Paris Metro| ©QbiT
Paris Metro| ©QbiT

The Wax Museum is located at 10 Boulevard de Montmartre. It is only about a 10-minute walk from the Galeries Lafayette department store.

You can easily get there by public transport, as it is surrounded by both metro and bus stops, or if you have a rental car you can park it in several nearby car parks.

Buy your ticket to the Grevin Museum in Paris

How to get there by metro

The closest stop to the museum is the Grands Boulevards or Bourse stop on lines 8, 9, 3 and M.

If you find the Paris metro a bit confusing, don't worry, you can read this guide on how to use the Paris metro to get to the museum without any problems.

How to get there by bus

The bus stop has the same name as the metro stop, Grands Boulevard, and is connected by lines 74, 20 and 85. For more information on how to get around Paris, I recommend downloading the city's metro and bus apps to your mobile phone for ease of use.

Where to park if I'm driving

If you've hired a car to get around the city, I recommend you allow extra time, as traffic tends to be quite heavy in Paris.

You can leave your car at the Indigo Car Park car parks at 31 B Vivienne street or at the Chauchat Drouot car park on Drouot street. Another car park available nearby is Vinci Parking on Place de la Bourse.

*Near the Grevin Museum... if you want to continue your itinerary around Paris after your visit to the museum, you can head to the Garnier Opera, the Royal Palace of Paris or the Louvre Museum as these are in the surrounding area.

Main works not to be missed at the Museum:

Michael Jackson at the Grevin Museum| ©TheLostChild's Gallery
Michael Jackson at the Grevin Museum| ©TheLostChild's Gallery

This wax museum is not only famous for its wax dolls, but also for the marvellous rooms and representations it contains.

One of the highlights of this museum, which distinguishes it from others of its kind, is the Hall of Mirrors. A sumptuous marble staircase from 1900 will lead you to this room based on the principle of optical illusion by Eugène Hénard for the 1900 Expo.

Here you will enjoy the effect of a giant kaleidoscope which, together with music and different lighting and projections, will create a unique effect for your senses.

The museum also has other rooms that are not to be missed due to their elegance and magnificence, such as the Dome Room, the Hall of Columns and even the 1964 theatre where magic shows are sometimes performed, among others.

In addition to walking among movie stars like Brad Pitt, singers like Michael Jackson, Katy Perry and much more, you can be part of different scenes of history such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, moments of the liberation of Paris along the Champs Elysées and much more.

And of course, something you can not miss are all the videos of how the wax figures were made, from taking measurements, requests from celebrities and a host of secrets and information.

Do not miss... the scene of the Death of Marat. In 1886, the Musée Grevin decided to recreate this moment in the history of the French Revolution by purchasing the original bathtub in which Marat was assassinated. This bathtub is still on display in the museum today.

Buy your ticket to the Grevin Museum in Paris

How much time you need to visit the museum

Museum works| ©Ibrahim Alsamnan
Museum works| ©Ibrahim Alsamnan

On average, visitors usually spend an hour and a half inside the museum. Of course, this is up to you, if you want to take photos with all the characters, be part of the different scenes depicted, watch the video recordings of how the figures were made, etc. the visit can take a little longer.

Also, I recommend you go early or late in the day, so the museum won't be so crowded and you won't waste time queuing unnecessarily to take photos.

Opening hours

Celine Dion at the Museum| ©Jaime Saret
Celine Dion at the Museum| ©Jaime Saret

The Grevin Museum is open every day of the week. Opening hours are usually Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 am to 7 pm.

Depending on the season, opening hours may vary, so I recommend that you check their website for the definitive opening hours for the day of your visit.

Remember that you can only enter the museum up to one hour before closing time.

Tips for visiting the museum

Museum Exhibition| ©David Stanley
Museum Exhibition| ©David Stanley

I recommend that you visit the museum early or late in the day, as the central hours are the busiest times of the day. This way you can enjoy all the figures and take selfies without worrying about strangers appearing in your photo waiting for you to finish.

If you are travelling to Paris in winter and don't want to carry all your coats and bags while you enjoy the museum, you can leave all your belongings in the wardrobe service for about 2€.

The museum is an activity for everyone. It is accessible with pushchairs and is wheelchair friendly.

If you want to visit other museums, check out this guide to the 17 best museums in Paris.

Where to eat

Café du Musée Grevin| ©Jr Picard
Café du Musée Grevin| ©Jr Picard

Enjoy a delicious menu or aperitif at the Café du Musée Grevin: different specialities, dishes, aperitifs or menus by Chef Guillaume Duciel are waiting for you after your visit to the museum.

Sit on the terrace and enjoy a coffee in true Parisian style on a sunny day while you watch the everyday life in the streets of Paris.

If the day is not fine, you can always eat in the interior restaurant or even organise your event in the reserved room, a room with a beautiful dome that will add elegance to your evening and where you can invite up to 100 people for parties or 150 for cocktail events.

The café is usually closed on Mondays. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays the café is open from 11am to 6pm and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 10pm. However, I recommend you check their website for availability and opening times. You can also download the menu with all the prices and the different options.

If you prefer to continue exploring Paris I recommend you to read this post with the best restaurants in Paris and if instead of a good lunch or dinner you are craving for something super typical like a delicious crepe, check out this guide with the best creperies in Paris

You can also enjoy near the Grevin Museum, the Hard Rock Cafe which since 1991 has been the link between Rock n`roll and American culture in Paris.

A bit of history of the Museum

At the Museum| ©Martin Hronský
At the Museum| ©Martin Hronský

The Wax Museum opened its doors in 1882 when Arthur Meyer had the idea of representing in 3-dimensional figures the stories, scenes or characters that appeared in the news of the time when photography was not yet fully integrated into newspapers.

Therefore, with the idea of being able to offer a meeting point between the public and the famous news of the day, he contacted Alfred Grévin, caricaturist, sculptor, designer, to have him as Artistic Director and Gabriel Thomas to manage the finances and ensure the success of the museum.

In 1886 they decided not only to create characters in wax, but to represent stories of the French Revolution and to depict the main events of history in the museum.

In 1892 the first animated film Pavre Pierrot was shown in the museum and in 1900, in order to be more financially secure, Gabriel Thomas decided to build the Grevin Theatre inside the museum and in 1906 to include the Hall of Mirrors of the 1900 Exhibition at the Trocadero.

Since then, the museum, now considered one of the oldest wax museums in the world, continues to be visited by tourists from all over the world who come to spend a fun time with their family and friends.