Cairo Dinner Cruise on the Nile

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Experience Highlights

Hop aboard a cruise ship and sail along the Nile River while enjoying a delicious buffet-style dinner . The activity will last approximately 3 hours, during which time you will be able to enjoy the tasty local and international food served, as well as the views from the deck.

A landscape of palm trees and night lights that illuminate Cairo will open up before your eyes as you cross the same waters that have been crossed by the likes of Moses, Alexander the Great and Napoleon. You will also enjoy a live Tanoura and belly dance performance, performed by local and expert artists and dancers.

  • Enjoy a delicious buffet-style dinner as you cruise the Nile River at night.
  • See palm trees, city lights and the night skyline of the desert landscape.
  • Enjoy a live performance of Tanoura and belly dancing, traditional Egyptian music, performed by professional dancers and artists.

What’s included

  • Cruise on the Nile River near Cairo
  • Buffet-style dinner
  • Tanoura dancers and artists show
  • Pick up and return to the hotel in a private vehicle.

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Step by Step

In this activity you will have the opportunity, for about 3 hours, to enjoy sailing along the Nile River on a comfortable cruise. You will be able to enjoy the incredible views of Cairo, the largest city in Africa, illuminated at night, as well as the countless palm trees and indigenous flora that live along the river.

On board the cruise, you'll enjoy a sumptuous buffet full of local and foreign delicacies. You'll enjoy dinner as you cruise along the river alongside the faluccas and fishing boats that give the activity an authentic feel.

The experience also includes a live Tanoura and belly dance performance, in which artists and dancers will showcase their traditional skills with movements full of sensuality and beauty .

Tanoura is a traditional dance from the Sufi culture in Egypt that is performed with a long, wide skirt. In it, dancers twirl on themselves as the skirt opens and closes, creating a hypnotic and visually appealing spectacle. The dance has a long history and is considered a form of meditation and spiritual connectionto the divine.

The Nile River is one of the longest rivers in the world and is considered the 'artery of life' of Egypt, providing the water necessary for agriculture and human life. The Nile is approximately 6,650 km long and flows through several countries, including Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.

Cairo, meanwhile, is the capital of Egypt and the country's largest city, with a population of more than 20 million people. The city is famous for its impressive ancient monuments, such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, as well as its bustling street life and vibrant cultural and gastronomic scene. In addition, Cairo is an important centre for trade, finance and tourism in the Middle East region.

Upon completion of the activity, you will dock at the pier, where you will be picked up by a private vehicle that will take you back to your hotel . An activity full of beauty and nature, ideal for lovers of music, dance and gastronomy.


· 1058 Reviews
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    Very good dinner.
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    The cruise was amazing, the show was very enjoyable and full of magical moments, and the weather was ideal for such a dinner. The food was nothing to write home about. Recommended to do it once.
  • V
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    Incredible spectacle.
  • E
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    The show surprised me a lot, I was expecting to find something more normal and ordinary, but I ended up getting a great surprise. Very enjoyable cruise, would love to do it again in the future.
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